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  1. Does any one have a Utilita Smart Meter? How do you get meter readings from it? The websites help page wont work and i need it urgently. Thank you.
  2. Hiya I don't know about you but recently ive been stuck in a rutt and wanting to get out of it. I'm 23 and my social life is awful. I go to work, come home, watch Youtube and Netflix, sleep then repeat all over again. Im at that point in my life where i dont know what i like and would love to meet new people and try new things. Anyone else feel this way? If so, let me know. If your between 20-30 lets meet up and get to know each other. We can organize a massive meet up. Thanks for reading (:
  3. Hiya. I'm looking for someone to foster my 2 beautiful girls for a while until I get back on my feet. Life has given me a crap hand and I can no long afford to look after these gorgeous babies. They are both up to date on vaccinations, flea and worming. They will both be spayed and microchipped before leaving. Both have only ever been indoor cats and must NOT be let out. Angel: - 3 years old - black and white - short haired She has such a loving temperament, she loves being stroked but doesn't like being cuddled or picked up. She has never lived with other animals apart from Tink. She hasn't been around children and has only been around me. She has had digestive issues in the past, but she seems fine now. She is very small for her age and doesn't really eat too much but with a little bit of persuasion should be fine. She is an indoor cat. Tink: - 3 years old - tabby/brown - long haired She also has a very loving temperament, but can be quite shy. She doesn't mind being picked up and loves being cuddled and kissed. She does have a tendency to dribble a lot. She has never lived with other animals apart from Angel and she hasn't been around children either. She eats a lot and very greedy. She does have a dominance issue with other cats, but with correct care should be able to dissolve that. She is an indoor cat. I want them to go to a loving home so only genuine people message me please, these girls mean so much to me and its breaking my heart to let them go. Please read thoroughly, any other question don't be afraid to ask.
  4. Oh thank you! I think sloans is right near where I am, I'll try and book an appointment there. Thank you for letting me know (:
  5. I'm still deciding. My current doctors are on a triage system. I tried to book an appointment and they were fully booked for 2 months. I just wanna get check out to make sure everything's okay. Cause I haven't slept properly in nearly a year. Each time I book an appointment they cancel it. I'm just fed up. Thank you for all your help guys.
  6. Oh thank you. Not sure I'm gonna be able to do that at the moment then, my passport is 4 years out of date and my provisional has the wrong address on it. I'll have to sort them out first. Thank you for replying (:
  7. Hiya. I currently live in Gleadless Valley and I need to change doctors. My current doctors is on Lowedges road. But I'm a little confused, how do you change doctors? Also I even looked online and I can't figure out the difference between Newfield Green Clinic and Gleadless Medical Centre. Is one private and one NHS or are they both General Practices? Sorry if I sound stupid here, I'm new to the all living alone and have to do stuff myself thing. Haha. So any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Can't find a away for changing input on the TV. I've tried everything on the sound settings and it did nothing.
  9. My TV is a cheap one, called Neon. My cable has an audio jack one end that I put in the headphone slot on my laptop. The other end has red and white that I put into the TV. Sorry I can't explain more. I'm not very computer savvy :/
  10. I've just done that. It only shows my laptop speakers. I clicked show disabled devices and nothing else appeared.
  11. Where do I find that? I'm unless with computers. It all plugged in correctly it just won't work :/
  12. Hi. I need help with getting my audio cable to work. My laptop only supports VGA so I have that connecting to my TV from my laptop and the visual is fine. My problem is the audio cable. I've used about 12 different cables and not one of them has worked. I still can't get the sound running through my TV's speakers. Any advice will really be appreciated! Hopefully as soon as possible as I can't cope with my laptop speakers :/
  13. Hiya. I have an contract iPhone 5 on the 3 Network. And since 10am yesterday (11/10/13) I have had no signal. I was just wondering if it's a everyone else is having this problem or just where I live. Cause everyone who is on 3 where I live is having the exact same problem only they do get a little bit of service. I'm just stuck on no service. And living off wifi but that doesn't help when I leave the house. So is it just my area? Or any ideas as to what will help? Thank you Antoniaa
  14. that 16gb memory card cost me a fortune... I can't afford to replace it... maybe i should just get an 8gb ipod... Do you know anyone selling one?
  15. Yeah, more that likely but it still annoyed me a little bit. Haha
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