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  1. I've been 'travelling' to many places but also worked while I have been there usually voluntary...Does that mean I am on a 'working holiday'..??? Does it matter what you call it. People want to have an adventure...want to experience new cultures and religions so far removed from our own that the trip is an experience which evokes new feelings and ideas. I didn't have that occur to me when I went on holiday to Faliraki...yet I did when I went on 'holiday' to teach english and travel in India for 2 months...
  2. My ex dumped me because he couldn't get over his ex, had no room in his heart to love me. He says he'll never get over her. Wish he would get over her then he might notice that he should be with me.
  3. Agreed but you're missing my point. And besides, the diet that many obese people have is surely more likely to be bad for their health than a diet which significantly lowers BP, quick or not. Lighter life has a maintenance programme specially designed to allow re education and re introduction of food so the weight will not return. It's up to the individual person if they are prepared to follow this or not.
  4. Food is a serious addiction. Smokers can't really smoke again, alcoholics can't drink again. So what for the person addicted to food? Hmmm You are missing the point of lighter life completely. So what if for once in someones life they'll get to experience themselves without the mask of fat....ok maybe that won't last...maybe they'll return...but for that short precious period it'll be theirs to remember. I've done this diet and I do appreciate both sides of the argument and wish to god I could have dieted normally too...but I couldn't. If it works and makes someone happy then please tell me why this is so bad...
  5. I've read it. It's not much different from the Bible in parts..Hard going tho and obviously reading an english translation takes away from the fact that the Qur'an is supposed to be in Arabic and every copy is identical
  6. All 348 of them?! Would take me ages to catch up with them.. Seriously, I know what most of my exes are doing
  7. Come out with me next weekend, there's about 20 of us going out. Must be someone you get along with!!! Plan on being drunk all weekend... Yay...clearly reacing 26 has not yet made me grow up..
  8. Have a look at this thread Thread: What's happened to the male sex drive?! Fairly interesting
  9. They are all evil. Drink vodka and eat lots of chocolates. New years resolution don't start till tomorrow!! haha well mine don't. Keep smiling. Everything happens for a reason.
  10. Our local 'tramp' died a couple of years ago. Not known to any of us he was in all the papers. Apparently some professor in physics, very wealthy but had chosen to live his life that way and his house was a barn in a field. You just never know who you are talking to!
  11. (Observed by Gandhi.) I've noticed over the past few days there has been some harsh posts relating to people less fortunate than some of us. Does anyone else read Max Pemberton's column? Here's a little example from last week. 'That man has just spat at me. It takes a while for what has happened to sink in. But he definitely spat at me.... I'm not sure what to do. No one has ever spat at me before. No one is coming to my rescue because I'm not on a ward, and the person who has just spat at me isn't a patient. He's just a random passer-by. I hadn't even looked at him, let alone done something to provoke such an attack...... The man sitting next to me isn't outraged because he's used to it. As I sit there, it dawns on me that the man who spat at me has done so because he thinks I'm someone else. He doesn't realise that I'm a doctor, sitting down on the pavement, trying to persuade a patient with a gangrenous leg that he should come with me to hospital. He has spat at me because he thinks I am homeless. And so for a brief moment I learn what it's like to be on the lowest rung of the social ladder, quite literally scratching around in the gutter to survive..... There's something seriously wrong when our society produces individuals who are so incapable of respecting others.' I hope over Christmas and New Year this gives everyone something to pause and think about it and no more posts dis-respecting any member of our society.
  12. To stay away from men who are not nice and only embrace those who are.
  13. Good luck. I get that in pubs a lot of the time from sexy looking men...they make me skip...over to them.
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