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  1. johnny leathers ? sounds like a character from a 50s cowboy movie
  2. theres a bloke giving some away in the swap/giveaway section only need to put a bit of sellotape over the tabs
  3. did anyone else see the bloke carrying the large white cross along beighton bypass about dinner time today
  4. just had joiner jeff for new skirtings. his work is second to none and i cant praise it enough. Were having him back to do some more hes on 07861379796
  5. what about the rumanian leu most sheffielders these days would feel comfortable with that
  6. wanted someone to collect my motor scooter service it and mot it. i bought early last year and its been in the garage ever since. its 59 plate 50cc thanks in advance
  7. when you take a walk round town and everybody is speaking in a language you dont understand
  8. excellent quick service in my experience
  9. the other cities shortlisted are kabul and beirut so i cant see Rotherham winning
  10. 3 day itinery day 1 full day excursion taking in the manor and burngreave day 2 full day excursion page hall taking in the sites day 3 spent in hallamshire hospital suffering from injuries sustained in mugging
  11. what about the mosque at the end of queens road
  12. iceland are doing really well know they have Peter Andre onboard
  13. im sure theres plenty of kiveton blokes who are dying to meet you just walk through kiveton in a short skirt and you'll be suprised how many friends you make
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