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  1. Not that this test means anything but.....I'm ranked 39th with 191ms. What did everyone else get? Look on the leader boards for john22rob
  2. the people who are saying that ping or latency increase or decrease by 10ms or more doesn't make much different either don't know what they are talking about or are lying. try playing an online game. ie Call of duty. ping speed of 29ms, if a player came into view i would be dead before i have even been able to press the trigger. Ping speed of 15ms, roughly a 50/50 chance i will kill them first in gaming every ms makes a difference. AlextAtkin clearly know what he's talking about. i can see a difference in the speed of web pages loading 1. ping speed of 15ms and 10meg down and 1meg up vs 2. ping 30ms, 100meg down and 50meg up. which one is the fastest at gaming and loading web pages? answer is number 1.
  3. Hi all, I joined Origin 1st May after the long wait as most people did who signed up early this year. I instantly got exactly what it said on the tin, 24meg down and 2meg up. Ping was a constant 29ms. I use my internet for Gaming so a 29ms is not good enough, bandwidth is wasted on me really as i don't do much downloading. I have had numerous phone conversations with Origin from day 5 asking to reduce my ping somehow. They really have bent over backwards to help but no such luck. To cut a long story short, after an hour and half of tests and tweaking, Peter and Oliver have got me the following results pinging to google in command prompt Packets: Sent = 9, Received = 9, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 16ms, Maximum = 17ms, Average = 16ms JD's auto tester, Down 23.7mbs, up 1.97mbs and ping 16ms pingtest.net shows a mere 12ms ping lol The fastest ping speeds i have seen so far on the DR network and nearly half of what i started on. A big thumbs up to Origin and i have my first referral coming your way as soon as my friend receives his MAC. Apologies but i don't know how to add screen shots.
  4. Good evening all, I have finally been connected to the digital region with Origin today and i wanted to see if anyone gets the same readings as me re ping speeds. you can do a ping test via speedtest.net but this will only tell you what the speed was at that second. The better way is to go into command prompt and type: ping -t google.co.uk leave this to run for a few minutes and then press Ctrl and C to stop. This will then give you a summary Ping statistics for : Packets: Sent = 1360, Received = 1349, Lost = 1 Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 29ms, Maximum = 187ms, Average = 33ms The fact that i have lost 1 isn't good. also the variance i assume isn't good either. What creates these big variances? is it the quality of my line? if it is can anything be done about it? much appreciated if you guys could upload your results
  5. Just to let you know........ I have received a formal email confirming my installation date!!!! Yippe! Tuesday morning! I can't wait. I have recently noticed on their website that they have put all the contact lengths back up to 18months. I assume it doesn't affect me as I signed up before it was increased?
  6. Its only origin that have had a problem. The other isp's haven't had a problem.
  7. 30ms sounds good. I have been given another "Estimated" install date of Monday. I won't hold my breath. I could have been with ask4 by now
  8. Just out of interest, what exchange you at and whats your ping speed? Cheers
  9. Maxfacta, I totally agree. If I hadn't have phoned up days before i was due to be connected then when would they have told me I wasn't???? The second main problem is when they say 'I will ring you back'. They have rang me back once out of ten when they have said they would. I think sometimes they have also told me what I want to hear and not what's happening. It's pretty damn poor, n thats before you get connected
  10. Spoke to Origin, still no connection date, they don't know if i will need to obtain a third MAC yet and still don't have a connection date. They have said i 'should' receive my actual connection date by the end of this week. I have received a router through the post and the modem is to follow from Digital Region just before i get connected (if and when) so...other than having received a £20 router i am no closer to leaving my ****ty current connection and moving to origin
  11. I have received a wireless n broadband router today from origin. Should there have been a modem as well? The diagram suggests so that's in the box. Cheers
  12. Plenty of emails going back n forwards. Not one of them giving me a connection date. I have signed up to the lowest package, makes me wonder too if they are prioritising orders on the higher packages. There has been several different reasons given for the delays, is one incompetence? 60 days today and no closer
  13. I haven't had any emails from origin at all stating when I will be connected. I received a call at my home address on 31st march by Oliver to tell me my install date of today 20th April. Rang them yesterday n they have promised to ring me back before 11am with an update. Today, thats 35mins time.
  14. I wouldn't go with Virgin and would defo wait for Origin. I wasn't trying to put people off but wanted to see the connection times for people over the last few months. Have people gone live that ordered after myself as i feel this is the case.
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