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  1. Hi I am looking for ideas for restaurants either in Sheffield City centre or on Ecclesall Road so it's close to pubs and bars for drinks after the meal. Ideally a restaurant that has a lot of space as there is a group of 15 of us and I'm looking for somewhere that offers a bit of variety to suit everyone. This is for a meal celebrating an anniversary on a Saturday night. I had originally wanted Cosmo in town however they have several large bookings on the night I want so am unable to book a table. Thanks in advance. ☺
  2. It's S5 not Sheffield city centre its close to Barnsley Road. Thought you were asking for a hairdresser in Sheffield
  3. Champion Barbers on Bellhouse Road close to Firth Park. They do patterns and are very reasonably priced
  4. Surprised at this, I find it interesting that they dont issue any customer with a receipt, as last week I was walking into this store as a customer was walking out with his purchases, he was then attacked and pushed in front of a bus by a poundland member of staff who accused him of stealing, when the customer told him he had paid, the staff member told him to prove it by showing his receipt, which he told him he hadnt received. He was then dragged back in the shop his items took off him without actually proving he had stolen them. If they dont issue receipts how can you prove you've paid in instances like this. Made me walk straight back out the shop again.
  5. The Royal Hotel closed at least 4 years ago, it was being sold & supposed to be being made into flats or a couple of houses, but not much has happened with it yet I dont think.
  6. It all depends on which side of Sheffield you prefer, and how big a venue you need. Here are some ideas though- http://www.whirlowbrook.co.uk/ http://www.whitleyhall.com/ http://www.wortleyhall.org.uk/ http://www.wentworthwoodhouse.co.uk/ http://www.staindroplodge.co.uk/tablet/index.html http://www.norfolkarms.com/ http://www.tankersleymanorhotel.hotel-details.com/ http://www.astonhallhotel.co.uk/ http://www.mosboroughhall.co.uk/ http://www.taptonhall.com/weddings-receptions/ http://www.renishaw-hall.co.uk/ Also Ringwood Hall Hotel. Best to go have a look around see which fits with what you want. The majority of venues will have wedding fayres so you get an idea what the venue is like dressed up for a wedding.
  7. I took my 3 & 6 year old, and also nephews aged 5, 8, & 10 to the fire museum during Easter and they loved it, even though we saw it all I could take them again and them still be as excited. Some vehicles are to be looked at only but any with doors open you're free to sit in with uniforms & hats to try on. My 28 year old sister loved it lol
  8. If its part of Dougies Meats vans, he has a Facebook page 'Dougies Meat'that they update to let you know where they're going to be. I believe they have also started deliveries aswell now.
  9. Well this is the facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/pages/LAH-valeting-services-and-wheel-refurbishment/113101915536701?id=113101915536701&_rdr
  10. http://www.lahvaleting.co.uk or call on 07878317266. I can recommend him as he's very good. He used to do mobile if you call him he'll let you know if he still does. If not you can go to him to get the job done. :-D
  11. I've got to say I wouldnt be happy being woke up at 6am by workmen outside my house, fair enough they have a job to do it still wouldnt hurt to be considerate of other people. To the negative responses, good for you if you get up early some people dont like to, who are you to judge, my other half works 6 days a week & sundays are his only lie in, what if the OP is the same, you dont know the circumstances so keep your negativity to yourselves.
  12. Thanks for that, I just wanted to make sure it wasnt completely cutting out part of the route. i'll keep an eye out for the new timetables thanks. :-)
  13. If number 17 is being withdrawn why is there no mention of it happening on the website and why does it not provide information about the new 38 service which I presume replaces meadowhall to Hillsborough part of the current 17 route. Also no mention of the changes affecting the 11/12 and 81/82.
  14. My sons school Hartley Brook School did this last year. Not sure who they used but I know they did charge to come to the school so every child paid £1 and it covered the cost.
  15. I live at Shiregreen close to Hartley Brook School and I love it, no problems in three years, nice neighbours. Most people have an opinion of Shiregreen but only 90% are valid opinions from people that actually live on Shiregreen. Best thing to do is go have a look at the area yourself at different times of day.
  16. Travellers at Ecclesfield are usually open Christmas day to serve Christmas dinner but not sure about night.
  17. Morrisons were £6 a tin last week but Asda are selling for £5 a tin. Usually the offers are in November its rare they do offers this close to Christmas.
  18. Thanks for the suggestion I will try there. CPC464 can you explain why its not economical to fix it if its a 'no name' tablet. Its not broke it just needs one part attaching to the circuit board. I cant see that costing more than what a replacement would cost me or do you know something I dont.
  19. Hi I have an android Tablet that when I try to charge it, the connection in the actual tablet is loose. I have pulled the front of the tablet off to have a look & it seems the small component part, which has the charger connection, has come off the main circuit board. I need to know if there are any shops in Sheffield that fix tablets without making any more damage, & if they'll fix this issue without ripping me off. Thanks in advance.
  20. It would be worth contacting the DVLA informing them you found it & giving the vehicle registration, chances are if it has been lost they wont think to check the local shops as they might not be local to the vehicle owner or they have no idea where it was lost so wouldn't know where to look for it.
  21. I regularly sell things through eBay but send through standard post when mailing to buyer & I am still always given a receipt as proof of postage without asking for it. I would suspect this is a dodgy seller. With regards to the daily mail article even if those numbers are correct 500,000 isn't much in a week compared to the billions that are actually sent every week in this country, furthermore it states that reasons for non delivery include addresses not being written correctly so hardly royal mails fault. I worked as a Christmas casual a few years ago & it shocked me how many people just write Bob, Chapeltown Sheffield on the envelope. Please tell me how royal mail can actually find that person to deliver to, and even if Bob tried to find that lost mail how could he be verified as the correct recipient. I completely understand that there are some rogue postmen however considering how many staff royal mail have these rogue postmen make up less than 1% of the workforce.
  22. Report it to your delivery office with dates of expected delivery or actual delivery & they can monitor who should have been delivering on your street & if similar complaints have been made about that person. If there is an issue they need people to tell them so they can properly investigate.
  23. Another vote for John Crawshaws they are brilliant & not too expensive for the quality. They have a shop at Hillsborough barracks & also at Chapeltown just down from Pizza Hut on Loundside.
  24. Chevin housing association and Guiness Northern Counties are 2 in Sheffield that used to let you apply direct to them. Dont know if this has changed & unsure about the areas for Chevin but Northern Counties has houses covering the majority of Sheffield. It does seem wrong that the majority of associations only let their empty properties come available through Sheffield Homes.
  25. If the police were involved last time aswell as MP then I'm guessing some sort of conditions should have been put in place with regards to the dog, for this family to have their post delivered again, therefore some sort of punishment or consequence should have been mentioned should they breach those conditions. Other than post being suspended I mean, especially if the dog has bitten someone before & is not confined to their house. Maybe speak with your MP & the delivery office manager. Other than that it would have to be maybe you & a few of the other affected neighbours confronting the family to tell them how you feel, without fighting obviously. Good luck!!
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