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  1. Used to listen to Radio Hallam when these 2 were on there (|Keith Skues as well) But mainly listened to Radion 1 in the 70/80's. Can't stand commercial radio (although I loved the one advert that Hallam used to run for double glazing which was the three piggies song ). I listen to Radio 2 - Wogan is soothing to wake up in the morning and am looking forward to Chris Evans taking over in December.
  2. Well done to the police and security services involved in the surveillance and consequent conviction of these poor excuses for human beings. They've done a fantastic job and doubltless saved thousands of lives. Airports should keep up the tight security checks currently in place. They can search me as many times as they want as long as I get off the plane safely at the end of the trip.
  3. A few weeeks ago my mum and I came out of Debenhams in Meadowhall and were deep in conversation as we walked back to the car. I pressed the blip to open the car doors and we both got in. Something didn't feel right then I realised we had got into the wrong sides as it was MY car. I looked at mum and waited for her reaction when she realised what we had done only to watch her start to adjust the driving position, while looking at the bemused look on my face! It tickled us all the way home! I have done the same as the OP though and felt so embarrassed as I kept my eyes down hoping no-one was watching.
  4. Hi. I think you will find that Ally68 felt the same so is having some time off from SF. She may pop up again one day
  5. I agree with you - it's your wedding and it should be how you want it to be. It's unfair of your family to expect you to do things their way and make you unhappy on what should be one of the best days of your life. I would say 'this is how it's going to be and if you don't like it - don't come' Just tell them it's off as you can't agree what to do then arrange it all yourself and then just tell them where and when.
  6. That really annoys me! - Get someone to help you carry it round to the nearest council estate.
  7. I agree - still listen to him on Radio 2 driving home from work.
  8. Not sure if it's on DVD but if it is two and a half men is sooooo funny. I agree with Family Guy and Scrubs both being equally funny series.
  9. I agree - 1976 was definitely my best summer ever!!! I was 12 and we holidayed at Cayton Bay. The biting ladybirds, hot days and nights, sun, sun, sun - loved it.
  10. I have first hand experience of what diabetes can do to you if you're one of the unlucky ones - so I would urge any of you suffering from diabetes to get your control sorted and stick with it although I know how difficult it can be.
  11. I would imagine like me, they leave it there to be collected on their return form walking to save having to cart it round - not quite a Louis Vitton is it?
  12. Just heard there's a body on the tracks at Woolley Wood bottom:sad:
  13. Is it me? am I missing something here - I think he's awful but I know a lot of women think like you. I freaked when one of my friends told me she wanted to have his babies
  14. You're never more than a thought away, I think about you every day, And though my life still carries on, It's not the same since you've been gone. Miss you, love you. Andrea xx
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