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  1. tez 14

    [duplicate ad removed]

    Your advert has been removed on the grounds that it duplicates one of your existing adverts.
  2. tez 14

    Lcd sharp tv 32in boxed

    Yes still available
  3. tez 14

    Lcd sharp tv 32in boxed

    Sharp tv 32in boxed with remote bootleg stand etc it has a usb recording capabilities swap w.h.y or may sell for 40
  4. i have 2 TVs 32 ins ones a led JVC built in DVD player with remote and stand just need screws for stand the other is a Goodman's built in freew view no remote and there's a 22ins monitor cibox and a gaming desktop computer needs a HDD and graphic 40 pound today
  5. tez 14

    Need help android netbook

    i have external usb hdd
  6. hi all need help i have a HL-1088C WM8880 netbook and i keep getting a black screen but if i put a firmware on sd card i get failed to format file system partition (nand) no mtd partition called system
  7. anyone know what the massive bright light in sky near meadowhall wincobank ??
  8. thanx very much just registerd with them
  9. thanks for infor i havent realy got much exprience but type of work i would like is driving jobs or factory work packing picking ect
  10. is there any good job agencies around looking for partime or full time work
  11. dos anyone know if manor social club is open this dinner time

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