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  1. hi guys I intend venturing into domestic cleaning business as I love to work for myself as self employed which will fit around my family life and the flexibility working for myself. I have started purchasing cleaning equipment's and chemical for cleaning . Please can anyone on here advice me on how to get customers and clients within the Sheffield environs. + I look forward getting your reply guys asap . Cheers
  2. I am a member at pure gym tesco extra its very okay to any standard gym nothing special but you get the good value for your money.
  3. I intend buying the property I presently live in because the location is superb and quite for the kids.I really don't know what the requirements are to get the 5% payment oft and if the banks are giving loans to loyal customers.Anyone has an idea?
  4. eddy09

    Selling items on sheffield forum

    I am new on this site I want to advertise cigars I brought from cuba whilst on holiday. Am I allowed to sell it on here.

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