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  1. Thanks CorkerSWFC....look forward to it...lol....and High Society, my heart says another promotion but my head says mid table consolidation....we need a couple of decent championship players to achieve that, but we have the basics...time will tell. But now, a question to you both....do you think your rivals, United, will make it??????
  2. Well, from all of us down at the Valley, congratulations to Wednesday on achieving the second automatic spot....let battle commence again next season. Sir Chrissy Powell has got us there and you are there too.....and to all the United fans, you still have a good chance of joining both of us....but be aware....Stevenage is no gimme over 2 legs
  3. Bloody hell Lushcannon.....that is serious...he's had a few this season....lol
  4. I understand your enthusiasm Sibon....but to say that both Sheffield clubs are better than everyone else in the division...tends to overlook Charlton....who I think you will agree did quite well this season...but good luck nevertheless
  5. As a Charlton fan obviously I have enjoyed this season....and for once it is not us sweating on the last day of the season. Now, as a neutral, I would like to wish both United and Wednesday the best of luck on the last day.....you as fans have been a credit to your clubs...and both deserve success and Championship football...I just hope you both achieve it...one way or another
  6. Well you Sheffield fans....the results at the weekend make things interesting
  7. kaffy58.....I am staying neutral in all this....but loving the banter...lol
  8. Hi to all you Sheffield fans.....well that is decided, we are up, hopefully as champions......so 1 automatic place is left. Tell me why you think your team will take it.....ideally you will both go up, one way or another, because we all deserve to be in a higher division....but football plays funny games. What ever happens....good luck to you both...I love this forum....so much more sensible...and at times funny than the others
  9. Sadly you are right CorkerSWFC...I have been supporting Charlton too long to think the end of the season will be easy....lol...better keep taking the valium, just in case
  10. It is not exactly easy on the heart for us down at Charlton....but for both your teams it must be murder.....good luck to both teams....whichever one gets the promotion spot....
  11. I know I am a Charlton fan on a Sheffield web forum.....but for my part, yes I think we will finish top....but I really hope that BOTH your teams make it to the championship with us....and we can renew battle again next season...good luck to United and Wednesday
  12. Hotmail 1954.....I respect both Sheffield clubs...but do you really think one home defeat is going to **** on our fire....13 points clear and have you seen our run in....we will leave it to both your teams to fight it out for second with Huddersfield....good luck .....
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