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  1. Now don't be greedy, Pass the dutchie on the left hand side...
  2. Vaux did'nt own the LAND. S.C.C did. Vaux screwed the wards workers and blocked a management buyout and S.C.C. SOLD the land to the highest bidder. How low can you go?. S.C.C. Does NOT consist of sheffield people. If it did we would'nt be where we are now.
  3. Wards brewery, Ecclesall Rd. Not demolished but...Lets say removed and converted into yuppy flats...Gross descersation that should never have been allowed to happen..S.C.C. to blame for that. How much did they get?...
  4. Do you actually realise what you have said here ?...You seem to be talking about yourself..
  5. Nah...The BIGGEST Mystery here is WHY do some people think they have magical powers and not others? I'll have you know, i tought superman how to spell. So there...Crypt- on - ite..!
  6. Hmm. How about a proper driving test in the first place.? The driving test is a joke, any numb scull can learn a few basic manouvers and the highway code and pass with flying colours. This is where the problem lies.
  7. Agreed. I think the Driving Test should include a mental ability test on how gears and motors actually work. Some drivers think that their car is a god given right and should start first time every morning and if it goes wrong they blame everything but themselves. One of my favourites is seeing people in winter start their car and rev the B****ks out of it to warm up the engine. What they don't realise is thats doing damage to the engine as the oil has'nt had time to do it's intended job. Letting idiots loose with engineering is a risky business and should be stopped.
  8. That all depends on which take-away you use. The one i use is free delivery on £7.00 or over orders. I can get 2PC Fried Chicken+Chips, large donner and tub of sauce+can of coke all for £7.40 Delivered. ( Davincis South Rd Walkley.)
  9. When the Character is in an EMPTY church?...God forbid...
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