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  1. Species of animal to be rehomed: Lionhead brown rabbit Rehome or Sale? Rehome. Reason for Rehome / Sale: Work full time, unable to give time it needs Sale Amount, Free Location Firth Park Sheffield Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? May struggle at first as not used to handling, once 'caught' sits very calmly on your lap for hours. Age & Sex 1 year old, female Breed/ Mix Lionhead, Colour/coat type lovely mixed brown colour Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? As above. Live in / out Outside Neutered/spayed Not sure Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament As above Vaccinated & Wormed: Vaccinated Any special knowledge needed General Information you can share Comes with very large modern wooden hutch (only 1 year old) large run downstairs and hutch with 2 compartments upstairs. Supplied with straw and hay and accessories. You will need a cat carrier to transport bunny in and also a large boot/van or seats down to put hutch in. Also advisable to bring old sheets to lay down in your car.
  2. I would very much avoid Saxton Mee for lettings. I have just had a very unpleasant few weeks with them, down £150 for my application fee to let a house which they refused to let me as they kept moving the goal posts....advertised 950 deposit turned into 2450. They also keep my money whilst still advertising the house for let. The impression I got from them on the phone and in person is that they are very rude, unprofessional people, blatant liars, not a single word they utter I believe to be true because you just get one story after another. I have pulled out in the end and left 150 lighter and with no house, bad times thanks to Saxton Mee
  3. Jumbo's have the cheek to get you to pay for your meal before! Like paying for your petrol in case you drive off...really annoying. Well that extra drink and extra coffee I was gonna order...I didn't cos I couldn't be bothered to pay for it again. Also got charge 10.99per head for my >9yrs kids (just) who ate like birds anyway. Nice food, but rude staff, overpriced for kids and paying upfront goes down like a lead balloon
  4. get an LPG car, Free parking in Sheffield City centre if you apply for a green licence, costs £10 a year
  5. agree with leah-lacie, also if you go through ebay, DO NOT accept paypal, you get paypal fees added, and also if your buyer decides the item is not as described, paypal can automatically credit the buyers account with the funds using buyer protection, big hassle cos then you need to retrieve back your car. Do cash only.
  6. Hinde house is in the top 100 of most improved schools in the country http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/8461254.stm All my children go to primary phase and they will be going up to the secondary phase. They are all very happy there and meeting their targets, the teachers are fantastic there, and theres always lots of trips and after school club activities. Every Wednesday they have enrichment, where children can opt to stay until 3:50pm and do extra clubs like dancing, art, violin, trampolining.
  7. Green flag towed my car to the INVERTED COMMAS "GARAGE" when my car broke down on Monday, however they dumped it on the main road so my mechanic had to push my oversized MPV (automatic) into the garage...(umm no discount for me then:/)
  8. just reread your post...I guess you need static pitch or hotel...could try the etap (very cheap) http://www.etaphotel.com/gb/home/index.shtml next to motorpoint arena
  9. Fox Hagg Farm Lodge Lane, Rivelin Sheffield S6 5SN 0114 230 5589 My inlaws sometimes pitch up their large campervan there if they are travelling to Sheffield, very nice people.
  10. Yes I believe thats right, fuel consumption is more but the overall net CO2 production plus other nasty by products from petrol/diesel combustion is less, hence councils promoting green schemes for the use of lpg.
  11. @ Rupert, Umm, I only have a BSc Degree so what do I know. I do not disagree at all with your comments, you are entirely right, my point was simply that LPG produces LESS CO2, which I am amazed that anyone would argue with but hey ho. Do you still need me to produce the combustion chart? lol
  12. just googled it to get the facts and apparently produces 15% less. We have the free green parking scheme in Sheffield for only £10 per year, love it.
  13. ooh sciencey bit, its more carbon lite than petrol/diesel, produces LESS CO2 per mileage.
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