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  1. No, I'm not looking for tips on how to spice up my love life. The missus and I were woken (in Heeley) by the sound of a faraway-sounding explosion this morning. Any ideas what it was?
  2. Went to the Caspian over the weekend. The food and service were lovely. We shared a load of different starters, which came with amazing flatbreads none of us remember ordering. Everything was delicious, different and exciting. Subtle, aromatic and spiced rather than spicy and not hot. The main courses were enormous and everything comes with (almost) too much rice. All the dishes were very reasonable, cheap even, but obviously cooked with love and skill. It was really, really good. Sorry to say that we were the only people in there, so get along and fill it up! You should definitely order the pickled aubergines to start with.
  3. Maybe I wasn't very clear. Obviously, if there is a traffic issue and the police need to get involved then that's one thing, but this guy was employed to do that job; he wasn't dealing with a one-off problem, his JOB was to deal with that problem on a regular basis. Madness. The 30 minute free parking is useful, however when it's quiet, it's much easier and quicker to drive round and pick somebody up from outside and if it was better organised, that would be the case more of the time. Unfortunately, you can't tell until you turn the corner whether it's going to take you 30 seconds or 20 minutes to get past the queuing taxis.
  4. Searched for a thread on this, but couldn't find one. Is there a plan to address the chaos caused by queuing taxis and cars? We were there the other day and they have had to employ somebody to stand at the t-junction to wave cars in and out to prevent gridlock! That has got to be the worst indictment of any traffic planning - the need to pay somebody to manage the traffic! Does anybody here work for the council and know whether anything is being done, or is this the future of the train station?
  5. I am really interested in the debate over Christian free schools, as I am horrified that this seems to be the way that things are going, however it seems like I'm a bit late in this discussion, since somebody has already mentioned Hitler, which is where forum discussions start to plummet. I was interested to read the following on the Sheffield Christian Free School website: Transparancy In the Sheffield Christian Free School we are completely open about teaching the whole curriculum from a Christian perspective. Of course, we understand that ’some people think differently’ and we are passionate and committed to teaching thoroughly and accurately other world view positions. Research Evidence ‘the Christian community is being reproduced in the Christian schools’. Professor Leslie Francis of Warwick University Professor Francis, based on extensive research carried out in the 1990’s, found that teenagers in the new Christian schools were spiritually and psychologically healthy. They were less superstitious, less racist, less likely to be bullied and more concerned about global issues than their counterparts in secular schools. Further research, carried out more than ten years later by Dr Sylvia Baker, substantiate these results and added to them. In 2011, the research project continues with responses from former pupils aged between 17 and 45. Go deeper to find out more. Whoever has written this cannot spell transparency, so maybe needs to spend some time in a proper school. I love the fact that they think that children attending a Christian school would leave less superstitious!! Ha Ha Ha.
  6. Hallelujah! we have a point that makes sense! Seems possible I suppose. I guess there wouldn't be much info readily available about this, because studies will presumbaly have been done into the relative cholesterol levels of commonly consumed meats eg beef, lamb chicken, not cat, dog, tiger, eagle. I prefer my wild theorising, which is a gut feeling that they will taste bad.
  7. are you being deliberately obtuse or am I completely stupid? What do you mean?
  8. I still don't understand your point. I am saying that I have a theory that carnivorous animals taste bad, so I won't eat them. (I've yet to be offered and I would probably try, if only to test my theory). My theory extends to humans - I imagine they taste bad (except the veggies, who probably taste better). You seem to be saying that humans consume animal fat. I know. I do. Do you? Or is that your point?
  9. Take it from somebody who unwisely chose to air their anti-dog and cat owner views on this forum before.. Don't bother; a whole world of pain awaits. edited to emphasise that I am anti dog and cat OWNERS, not anti dog and cat.
  10. White Lion is over priced. Agreed!
  11. If you're talking about domesticating animals - we have also domesticated chickens, cows, pigs & sheep. My opposition to eating cats and dogs is because I imagine they taste pretty horrible, not because they're pets. I eat rabbits and I've had rabbits as pets in the past and would have eaten them as well, but my family would probably have killed me.
  12. I have a theory that we shouldn't eat carnivorous mammals. I have nothing to back this theory up, but I can't think of any meat-eating animal that I'd ever want to eat except fish and crocodiles.
  13. Surely the decision whether to tell somebody that they were being followed by an unmarked car depends on the circumstances. If, by telling a member of the public the police jeopardise an ongoing operation, then it would obviously be better not to say anything, however if (as seems to be the case this time) not saying anything would have left a member of the public concerned that he/she was being followed late at night, then it's better to let them know. It would be pretty incredible to believe that telling one member of the public about an unmarked police car is going to threaten the effectiveness of said police car, since everytime the police car pulls somebody over, that person and any passersby would know about that unmarked police car.
  14. The White Lion in heeley is also open till the wee hours, which is a bonus and has a pool table (80p). The Rising Sun in Ranmoor has so much potential, but is staffed from the manager down by complete incompetents. It also suffers from the 'more beers the better' syndrome, which is clearly nonsense.
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