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  1. Hi everyone, wondering if any one could possibly help me please? What it is i require expert advice in putting together a letter/claim for negligence against sheffield city council.. In regards to many awfull years of living conditions-due to disrepair-etc leaking roof 3 times. a creaking loft, freezing cold rooms in winter despite c/heating on full blast. Has recently as last week visited norrie,waite,&slater solictors in hope of gaining legal aid-but was told this was not avaliable to myself. even netheredgelaw who appears often on this site is unable to help. Also claim for harrasment by council employees/inspectors. Despite emailing leader Julie Dore some weeks ago about this she seems to have turned the other cheek. Not to mention a meeting i arranged with cllr Harry Harpham in may. All i get is nothing but lie after lie where the council is concerned And they hate the fact i wont retreat for afterall to me this about Principles,decency,transparerncy,honesty,morals, etc. All of which this council fails miserably at! Just out of curosity has any one else suffered and/or similar to what ive endured since 2009/10 and still do up to press? Im wanting justice for all the injustices, contempt,conceit,arogance. blatant lies, mental anguish, untold misery, to name but a few weighed upon my shoulders.! Its seems crystal clear nowdays average joe bloggs, the man in street so to speak has lost any rights,any voice, and by no means largely due to this nazi tory unelected so called coalition goverment, the citizens most vunerable-are nothing short of what i beleive this gov class as parasites. blaming demonizing,dividing, turning man against man, neighbour against neighbour in a fashion-and can do nothing but blatantly pick on the weak,disabled, unemployed. salt of the earth folk in most cases who would lions share of times give someone their last penny. The cuts/austerity measures are nothing but criminally vulgar-b/room tax council tax burden brought upon millions through no fault of their making yet these are the one's persecuted thanks to this lets face it tory reghime of corrupt capatalist devil worshipping totalatarian police state enviroment and are doing their utmost to suffocate our moral fibre for purely existing one could argue? Now citizens surely but surely! this must amount to crimes against humanity? in some way,shape or form? I dread to imagine what just exactly awaits us mear mortals next? Thanks everyone-please help/comment/provide advice/ if you can.. To my plight/crisis/ however you may class it has? on a last note i am always have been inclined a great beleiver that 'CHEATS NEVER PROSPER'-TELL THE TRUTH SO SHAME THE DEVIL TO COIN A PHRASE!! Im just a man of Sheffield born and bread on Foxhill Estate which im sure many of you know of it;s statisical affluence and/or all associated problems just like many other area's of this city.. What im tryin g to say is regardless of background/standing/upbringing/ with or without material items so many flaunt in my view to appear self-important above others.. in belittling terms. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE US FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.
  2. What about these then folks!!! 1-poor 2-paw 3-pour Aren't words just fab... Fan Dabbi Dozzi... STONE THE CROWS!!!
  3. Afternoon all, does any1 know of a pay point that's actually working??? Both shops my end-j.n. News and maces have been down for last 3days!!! This s5 wadsley bridge area-near white horse pub. Looking 4one as near as poss to the above??? Hope u can help uz s.forum buddies!! Thnx. Owlboy.
  4. Wiggies!!! My dad worked at rutland rd has an apprentice-must have been around mid 50's? as back in them day's he told you left school at 14! which he was at woodside. quite handy rutland rd,for him having been brought up on platt st-neepsend in the earley 1940's. has for myself i remember a wigfall's store on infirmary rd, from recollection on or around where windsor's shoe shop is today. must have been mid 80's? i always remember going one fri morning-to buy a atari console-this different in colour to the original black ones (2600) model. upon getting home huge dissapointment!! didn't work correctly, myself around aged 12 or so at that time? when my dad found out he carted me along with himself back down to wiggies-so the manager-much to my delight he told me to choose 10 free games for the trouble's caused...my dad on reflection telling me he wish he hadn't done this..reason the endless times he told me to turn my atari off, so he could re-connect our tv allowing him to watch the new's!! lol. WIGGIES-SURELY AN INSTITUTION FOR MANY A SHEFFIELDE'R...
  5. And if the light's were down could you even bare to kiss her full on the mouth or anywhere!! November spawned a monster... ---------- Post added 11-03-2013 at 22:52 ---------- "seasick yet still docked" this is morrissey bearing his soul out of sheer desperation,morbidness,loneliness,-what a truly fantastic song. So him live at sheff city hall late 80s early 90s if i remember rightly? Pregnant for the last time!!! Lol.
  6. so saddened to hear yoecoming withdrawn has tour posting, and the awfull bullying inflicted upon your son. these bully's are just scum and weak people unable to have any mentality has to the harm their dishing out-or to be quite candid thick as pig****!! I sincerly hope your son's confidence hasn't been to severly damaged? for this would represent a tragic case of what im sure seeing your son being a fine individual to maybe become withdrawn due to this terrible ordeal. it so makes my blood boil when i hear of stories of this magnitude and the effects they can escalate to because of bullies igronance and upbringing This even more reinforced having wotched the quite exellent walter, which was screened on film4 last night. (sun) May i finish by wishing your son all the best-and just how proud you are of him im sure.this goes without question.
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