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  1. KFC on Lane Top has just be robbed at gunpoint. All taped off.
  2. They close at 1PM, re-open at 4PM. Its a very small window of the "afternoon" and the windows were only smashed at 2:45. Which narrows it down further. Just OP being a nosey barstool.
  3. If you walked past it then you'd know its still open.
  4. I refuse to cut mine, because everyone decides its perfectly fine to park on my verge in the winter and it just ends up sludgly, then in summer when it dries out it looks a mess.
  5. The snow decided to give paying a visit to Sheffield a miss. Went to Birmingham instead
  6. 6-8 inches of snow forcast through the night.
  7. What a player, what a personality. 20 goals this season in the league so far and I think he'll comfortably hit 25 this season possibly even 27-28.
  8. Throwing money at a club doesn't always work. You could spend 10million pound on a player and he be a total flop, its happened to the bigger clubs before. On the flip side, you can spend very little and if you have the right management skills you can bring the best out of that player who would be regarded by most as a "cheap" option. Wilder could have quite easily have come in and offloaded Coutts and Freeman (and rightly so he placed them on the transfer list based on last seasons performances, he stuck by them though and gave them a few games) and quickly realized that it wasn't the same Coutts and Freeman from last season, he then put his faith in them by carrying on playing them, and they look like new players under him, at a cost of £0 out of this seasons budget. Imagine if Wilder went into the market and spent say 300k (which is big money in league one) and that player was a total flop. Money is over rated in football, the championship is becoming just as lucrative as the Premier League, i think its the 7th most watched League world wide, which says a lot. Clubs have the ability to drop 10million on a player now and not worry. That'll be no different for any of the promoted clubs this season, but i hope we don't fall into the trap of spending because we feel that's the only way of success, it isn't.
  9. SOUTH YORKSHIRE Showers of sleet and snow will turn more persistent during Friday evening and overnight, leading to snow accumulations of 3-6 cm above 200 m, with as much as 10 cm above 300 m, where there will be some drifting in the strengthening winds. Some temporary, local accumulations of snow to low levels are possible, though these will tend to melt as things warm up during Saturday morning and rain starts to dominate. Slippery conditions are likely, along with the risk of disruption to transport, especially on higher level routes. Issued at: 10:27 on Fri 10 Feb 2017 Valid from: 18:00 on Fri 10 Feb 2017 Valid to: 10:00 on Sat 11 Feb 2017
  10. Anyone know what the old Southey Green pub is gonna be? They've had workmen turning the soil over the past week and now there's a few diggers/workmen around. Next to betfred on Southey Green roundabout for anyone thats unfamiliar.
  11. I doubt that fix my street post was the reason they were out, more likely thats just a coincidence that they came 5minutes after you posted.
  12. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/weather-warning-south-yorkshire-to-see-up-to-10cm-of-snow-1-7761736
  13. Dixons own Currys, PCWorld, Carphone Warehouse and manage all their call centers, its a seperate business than what Dixons (the store) was.
  14. If you are getting shocks from switches etc there is a danger to life, tell them you want action taken, they have to do it.
  15. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2011/oct/14/joy-of-six-sheffield-derbies I'll raise you number 3.
  16. SUFC are absolutley no where near the FFP cap. Jim mentioned this in an interview after the Jamie Murphy sale. Our last paid for signing was Woolford in the summer since then we have made roughly 900k from the Man United FA cup game, and at least 1.5million possibly 2million from the sale of Jamie Murphy. We could probably spend at least 1.5mill and give 4-5 players 5k+ wages before we even came close to the FFP cap. Thats without the wages being removed of all the **** we've chucked out in the past week or so. And yes, someone who works at the club told me they've both fell out, and the same source said that Adkins thinks the pitch looks fantastic, but one or two players are complaining its too hard and its hurting their knees/backs.
  17. Your name is familiar, is your son called Andrew?
  18. Thats weird, i live close by, not heard of any gunshots being shot at any windows.. Which end of Morgan road?
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