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  1. any good scrap yards in Sheffield? never been to one tbh. Yes been to eurocar parts they were no help. they put my reg in site like I did online and brought out the same one I ordered off ebay which is too small. they had another one but didn't stock it
  2. My car recently failed its MOT due to not having a wing mirror cover (amongst other things). I thought this would be an easy fix but this is proving to be an absolute nightmare. When entering my Reg number into popular online buying sites the replacement part it shows me simply doesnt fit my astra although it fits others that are the same make. Ive come to the conclusion that my wing mirrors are different to others of the same model. Im wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that my MKV is a 10 plate and that it was one of the last ones produced before they started producing the MKVI? I know for sure that the wing mirrors are stock and not replaced i just simply cant find covers that fit. To anyone who knows about a diffrence in wing mirros between same models or has an opinion please weigh in! Thanks.
  3. I have decided to learn more about the years during world war 2. Obviously there was a lot going on at the time and I wanted to purchase some books to read. Can anyone recommend any good ones that are factual? Are there any that are a "must read"? Thanks
  4. Illegal? I'll have to look it up, it seems cheap enough anyways like £1.50 a day just a real pain getting the right change
  5. Anyone know somewhere in Sheffield where I can change notes for pound coins other than a bank? Preferably close to center Our electric meter in our flat is really old and requires pound coins to top up. I'm getting fed up of asking cashiers in every shop I go in to change for pound coins, they see it as a massive inconvenience most of the time
  6. I'm looking at astras for around 3k torn wether to go for a 1.4, 1.6 or 1.7tdci. I don't go very far tbh work in meadowhall and go I uni in town ---------- Post added 01-09-2014 at 09:05 ---------- Who's 19 lol I'm 23 and have a kid
  7. Insurance isn't a problem don't leave sheffield much but I prob would if I had a nice set of wheels
  8. I'm still on my first ever car which is a 1.2 petrol which costs me about £55 to fill which I get 300+ miles out of. I'm getting a new car ASAP but need information on the costs of fuel on bigger engines as I don't want another 1.2. Been looking at 1.4 & 1.6 petrol astras and 1.7cdti, is there a big difference between 1.4 & 1.6 and how does the 1.7 diesel matchu up against them, want something more powerful than my little 1.2 obviously but don't want it to be guzzling fuel.
  9. Ok thanks I'll check the websites out
  10. I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16v 2002. The mot runs out in November and taxed until October. I'm buying a new car ASAP and I was wondering what people think I should do with the Clio, it's a bit rattly the breaks sometimes make a grinding sound, the clutch is ok it's just a bit tough to push down as opposed to most cars, it has chips to the paint mostly on the bonnet and had done 114k miles. What do people think scrap or sell? And of anyone knows how a car is valued on scrap that would be great and what's the avg value?
  11. I have a ps4 but I'm switching to the one, had the 360 previously and thought it was a good idea to change it up (it wasn't). I found the ps4 pretty boring tbh and the online gamers on Sony don't seem as interactive as Microsoft. Tbh I think the 360 is still the best console to own and if you're thinking of upgrading I would wait until spring 2015 see what games are available on each console because as of now both platforms have poor exclusives
  12. Still the best phone in my opinion, had the new htc m8 for about 5 days and switched back to iphone. Although htc m8 is probably the best phone at the minute I couldnt get on withits layout and camera quality was poor. Actually surprised my iphone isn't in pieces after the events that occurred causing the screen to break. Quite versatile tbh
  13. I think most broken screen queries are iPhones because the majority of people have an iPhone these days, it's screen I'd imagine is of the same quality as other smart phone brands they're simply less popular
  14. Anyone know of a cheap place somewhere in sheffield that can repair my iPhone 5s screen that will do a good job. It's smashed to bit!
  15. Called 111 and they got me an emergency appointment at taptonville up broom hill. Nice place. Although £18.50 for a quick look then a prescription for antibiotics seemed a bit steep, looking to register at a place now round the s5/s35 area
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