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  1. Agreed, thought we played well and the fire in our belly was definately back! I just hope we continue and improve our 'foot'ball.....Today was a complete pleasure to watch unlike other recnt matches which i came away from feeling downbeat.
  2. It was also an excellent win for us, concentrate on that
  3. Should have been a hat trick for ched again. Atmosphere is brilliant nice to hear us all with our heads up and feeling confident again, What does radio sheffield make of the match?
  4. As there is no factual evidence to support this it would be very silly to make assumptions. Its a very sad situation and speculation doesnt help anyone.
  5. Blockbuster and HMV aren't new businesses. HMVs prices suck compared to game on most occasions for games and the more shops which close the higher their prices will go as they have less competitors! Soon the consumer wont have many choices. If thats what you want then its very silly.
  6. If the GAME group of stores go into administration and close down it will be a very sad day. The buyer should have a choice and not be forced by lack of high street stores to go online. Not everyone likes buying online. Its not always more convenient and many people believe it or not actually like shopping. Its a sad world we live in when the recession is getting this bad. Some pathetic people will relish in the fact game is closing down, these people are utterly selfish. Just because YOU like shopping online doesnt mean you are in the extreme high percentage. Think of everyone else and all the staff. Its an awful situation when a big group like this or even a little independant store for that matter falls into hard times.
  7. It wasnt me who said it was too far, it was the walkers discretion. If they have other responsibilites as well they cant travel far. Ive sorted it now though.
  8. Thanks everyone. Ive sorted a walker for them. Thanks for the help
  9. Not for a dog walker no, many dogs they walk past or meet on walks wont be vaccinated. It doesnt effect insurance.
  10. Or perhaps someone who can walk them 3 times a day just for the day then? :/
  11. I didnt mention hitting or shouting did I. Your missing the point.
  12. Exactly us Grandads and Nans are here to love them and help any way we can . Its called unconditional love . We have an 8 years old grand daughter as well shes brilliant. But there again i love all children :hihi: Treating is one thing but dont forget money and gifts cant buy love. Helping him learn the value of things will help him as he grows older, it doesnt mean you arent loving him, it means your helping him be a better person.
  13. Sorry as discussed its too far. Thanks though. Im in north sheffield if anyone else can help.
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