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    As title, soft toy dog found near May Tree Lane bus stop, if you've lost one, or know someone who has, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we'd love to reunite it with the little one who lost it, knowing full well how mine would feel if he lost one of his favourite teddies. 🙂


  2. Yea, that's what I am trying to do, but it's only been bad enough to cause puddling 3 times in 1 year, the rest of the time it just causes extreme damp and a little visible water on the walls, as seen in the early pictures. I've only recently acquired temporary use of some ladders to allow me access. I can't usually get up there cause the ceilings are 9 feet instead of the usual and a half and it's in the corner of the hall so I can't just wall climb my way up like I do at my mum's when she needs help.
  3. Yea, I know it seems obvious mate, but when everyone the landlord sends out keeps telling me "there's no signs of water up here [in the attic] so it's just condensation" despite the fact that the bit where its leaking is on the other side of a wall... Bodge job certainly, flat roof, no. They just extended the original slanted roof, dropped the floor in the bathroom and I have a lower ceiling there than the rest of the house. Will go up and take a few more pics of the inside of the attic, the bathroom and hopefully the wall bad section on the other side of the wall and upload soon, will give a better picture of the problem then, excuse the pun. https://imgur.com/a/FEtwqEy This is what the bathroom looks like on a dry day, you've seen the previous ones of actual running water so figured unnecessary to upload that again, plus a more detailed look into the attic and the problem area.
  4. Not agitated at all mate, nothing to calm. Was just bringing your attention to past responses. I did show them the last pics, the engineer that came out said "oh yea, that is bad" then the very next time someone came by I'm being told it's condensation again.
  5. Yes, it wasn't part of the original building. The wall gets damp every time it rains, without fail, whenever it's even a little cold too. Look at the pictures I put in my last post. It runs down the wall from the corner where it meets the ceiling when it's raining hard enough. And I end up with puddles. Pretty sure I already said that part.
  6. A bit of both, and yea, I know it sucks, but unfortunately the bathroom was an add on to the original building as its a converted terrace, now 2 flats and the bit where its leaking is on the other side of the original wall and there's only a small hole to allow wires and stuff from the attic to the inside of the bathroom roof space. Struggled to get what I did, I could try again now that I got a better idea of the inside of that area, but before a few hours ago I didn't even know what it looked like in that space.
  7. You sound like my landlord. No. It's not condensation, firstly, I said bad weather, a little rain isn't bad, that's English standards, but, rain causes serious damp and water running down the walls, and sustained heavy rain, like we've had 3 times in the year I've lived here makes it flood. And I'm talking puddles and a waterfall on my wall... Will upload the best other pictures I've got and edit them into this comment momentarily... And here it is. https://imgur.com/a/bUk6GHi Go on, I dare you to tell me that's condensation and not be talking bull, being sarcastic or deliberately antagonistic. .. I may not be a builder myself, but I know the difference between condensation and a fecking leak.
  8. Can anyone tell me if this is a picture of what I think it is? To me it looks like a salt buildup caused by years of rain leaking. I'm kinda hoping I'm right, cause then I'll have proof for the useless landlord that's allowing my bathroom to flood every time I have bad weather. https://imgur.com/3dpHj52 https://imgur.com/g6wKQyb
  9. Exactly my point mate just would have thought that simply having one refurbished would be significantly cheaper than brand new, but apparently not enough to bother with.
  10. As title, looking to have my sofa reupholstered, but so far the general quotes I'm getting are about as much as, if not more than, buying a brand new sofa... (£400+) If I had that much I wouldn't waste it on refurbing an old sofa, would just get a new one.
  11. I quite agree, but unfortunately the cost of an actual headstone for a burial, rather than a plaque for a cremation, even in it's own, is quite high.I overheard my uncle talking about the costs of my nan's (his mum's) funeral with another relative a few years ago. These days you gotta be rich just to die.
  12. Pretty sure I already said that. Plus, it ABSOLUTELY IS common sense that an amateur shouldn't mess with the main fuse board... I'm inquisitive, not retarded. So, one last time I will say the following; For the record, I'm not annoyed, by of this, I'm just mildly irritated that you're deliberately ignoring that I've clearly and repeatedly admitted that this isn't a job I can do while interrogating me on matters relating to *doing* said job that I feel this whole thread has run it's course. And to end further argument I have asked a moderator to lock it.
  13. Call me that, if you wish, it's not my fault I actually go and learn things if I have a gap in my understanding of something. At no point would I call myself skilled in any subject discussed, except computers, I simply know little bits about lots of things. Again bringing me right back to point. I came here to ask people that knew, because I didn't. And as I've said more times than I care to count now, I already understand it's not a job I should do myself. Which part of those two points are you people not understanding? I came to get knowledge, decided it's not a job for me and that there are two other paths to take to get the job done. 1. Get someone else to do it 2. Don't go electric.
  14. Well, firstly, that's assuming that the current wiring isn't already on it's own circuit, with it's own fuse. I haven't even tried checking yet, because even if I had bought the shower and was ready to install it, I still have too much crap in the cupboard because I've not finished unpacking. Ido however know tthere's an unused mcb on the board at present. Secondly, I suppose it depends on what kind of corrections your meaning, as there is little difference between a k and d curve mcb, mostly involving how long it takes for it to trip and forwhat reason. As for the pscc, no, I don't have a tester, which brings me straight <removed> back to my last point, to which I feel the need to quote myself from my last post, and numerous other times I've said this already; I really do wish you people would read all of my post instead of choosing to get offended by a single statement. I mean hell, what are you, a grown man/woman or a millennial? Perhaps call it ignorance on my part if you so wish, but what's the point in getting offended? It only raises the blood pressure. https://goo.gl/images/4GVyF9
  15. Hmm, it appears my last post got deleted, not by me, but never mind. There's no point in starting an Inquisition as, should I answer correctly who's to say I hadn't just gone on Google, or you suggesting I had if I answered with my own knowledge? If I'd known someone was going to get their knickers in a twist I wouldn't have bothered even asking for advice. Not to mention, that's what an installation manual is for. As all things come with one. I could ask you how to build a computer, maybe you know, maybe you don't, but as I do I can say most of that is common sense too, it's all about putting the pieces where they fit, not trying to force them to go elsewhere. The specifics are where you need knowledge, even if only a little. So again I say, most - and please take note, the important word here is just that "MOST" - things are common sense, turn off the power, don't connect live to earth or neutral, or any combination of twisted connections, don't leave wiring uncovered, don't screw through a wire, don't leave a wire dangling in a sink.... Etc. Specifics and more technical issues are the exact thing I came here to ask in the first place. So please, don't go getting bent out of shape over a statement that is quite true, whether you want it to be or not.
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