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  1. It's for merging, that's how the road system is designed and this is what eases congestion. This is similar to how I pretty much get my own 'out of hours' bus lanes all around town! I'm from London (sorry, I can't help it) and if i drove like a sheffeilder down there I wouldn't get anywhere. It's strange because tbh Manchester and Leeds all drive normally. It just seems as though drivers in Sheffield have their own style of driving lol.
  2. Anywhere in the hope Valley and watch the hope cement works display. Or even a city centre, multi storey car park.
  3. I really like Greek food and have been to pretty much all of the Greek restaurants in Sheffield. My favourite is parthanonas, lovely food and nicko is a lovely host. You can also see straight into the kitchen which is always a good sign on a London road restaurant There's also kostas on Shoreham Street which does lovely tasting food but is more of a snack bar rather than a nice restaurant.
  4. OK, I'll bite. You're right, crowd funding is no substitute for insurance but this is so far removed from what has happened here. I'm pretty damn sure the occupants of the flat didn't have a discussion when they took the lease out on the flat thinking "don't worry, if the flat burns down we'll just get a whip round on Facebook". People have been involved in a particularly unfortunate incident, through no fault of there own and some members of the public have shown sympathy by donating some cash. It's not compulsory, if you don't want to donate just ignore it.
  5. You'll get through, from ringinglow, under stanage edge then under Bamford edge. Scotsmans pack way will be blocked.
  6. For a museum you're right, it didn't really teach you about the history of gaming (especially as Sheffield has its own gaming history which wasn't mentioned). Whats at crookes? , I'm all ears.
  7. I went on Sunday. Really good fun, with lots and lots of things to do. Almost everything is interactive, and very little is behind glass or out of reach. My friend and I spent three hours here, went for lunch, then came back for another three hours. It was very much worth the £11 entry fee, and I definitely plan to go back. The staff were great, giving advice and talking about the exhibits. And it definitely wasn't just 'a load of computer games'. I didn't try the cafe so can't comment on that. Admittedly it's only been open a couple of weeks but it seemed nice and busy. As for people moaning that it's not in the nicest part of town, it's literally 100m from the main shopping street, and tbh the only way to improve the area is with regeneration projects like this. I was a little unsure about it before I went, but it was great fun, I'll definitely be going back and I'm sure it's here to stay.
  8. Looks great, can't wait to visit. Seriously Sheffield is a great place to visit. A safe city, with a vibrant visitors scene. Kelham island seems to get better and better every week. People like to moan, but don't worry, no-one's listening
  9. Haha! What exactly were you expecting the Unicorn to be? I'm afraid a 'horse with a cone on its head' is about as good as its going to get. Elsecar heritage centre has always been good in previous years.
  10. Hi all, could I get a recommendation for someone to clean my gutters please. Snow is getting built up behind a blocked gutter and causing water to penetrate the cavity so someone who could do it ASAP would be ideal
  11. You are without a doubt, completely in the right here. Even if the car had his indicators on you would still be in the right in this instance. A vehicle turning into a minor road from a major road must give way to pedestrians crossing the minor road. I live on a street on Woodseats which is particularly bad for this. Thing is we all make mistakes, but normally is nothing a quick hand wave or mouthing the word 'sorry' won't sort out. Instead because the person is in a car they believe they can justify screaming, shouting, sticking their fingers up etc. Best reaction you give these idiots? Blow them a kiss!! It always diffuses the situation lol
  12. Not sure if this is the right place but I'm looking for recommendations of builders who can fit a sump pump and waterproof membrane in my cellar. I'm in Woodseats if that matters. Cheers Trackside
  13. Ive always had good experiences at Cosmos, and for an 'all you can eat' style restaurant the food was a good standard. I'm really surprised that people rated Flamimg Dragon better than Cosmos. I had a really bad experience there, the food was poor quality and the staff were very rude. I guess all these places can have good days and bad days. One place that does very good quality food is Chao Baby in Meadowhall, although the choice is limited, and your sitting in the middle of a noisy Meadowhall food hall lol. Let's have a vote for worst 'all you can eat' while we're here. Although not technically in Sheffield the worst eatery (possibly in the whole of South Yorkshire) has to be Taybarns. School dinner style food, dirty tables, kids running around while parents are drinking in the bar area, rude staff, and you have the pleasure of all this while basically being in an M1 service station. Truly awful
  14. I was assuming it'd be enclosed when the building work is done. Yep nice and warm when you get into the cinema complex
  15. Just tried the new cinema so thought I'd write a bit of a review. Took my daughter to see Peppa Pig which would get a 1/10 lol. Just a few normal Peppa Pig episodes interspersed with creepy Peppa puppets chatting to the audience. More importantly the cinema. The rooms are approx. 50 seaters, with very comfy armchair style recliners. The screen itself gives a great image and the sound quality is very good. The safety lighting (on the steps etc) is angled in such a way that you can't see it when sitting, watching the film so doesn't cause a distraction. Also the fire exit lighting isn't distracting (which it so often can be at the cinema). The foyer is bright, clean and modern with a good selection of hot and cold snacks, and drinks. Sadly the prices are still 'cinema prices' So it's quite expensive. We didn't try the small bar/restaurant area so won't comment on that. The staff were very friendly and helpful which makes a really nice change compared to other Sheffield cinemas. The Curzon was our favourite cinema previously but I prefer this one now. I haven't looked into it but if they also do 'arty' style films and classics, as well as weekend kids clubs like the showroom cinema I'll be coming here a lot more often. The area with the restaurants, Nando's, gourmet burger etc is in a very unfinished state so wouldn't be fair to comment. It's still mor like a building site and is freezing as it's open to the element. Tl;dr very much recommended and potentially the best cinema in Sheffield.
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