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  1. There have always been deer (red deer I think) that have visited Rivelin, Redmires, Ringinglow and the surrounding areas etc, but I can't remember seeing them as often, or in such large a herd as this year. I've seen them quite regularly during the summer in particular around Lady Cannings, numbering 8 or 10 in the group, including more than one stag
  2. Percy Turners in Jump are indeed very good, but our local butcher Beeches on South Road Walkley has delicious pork pies, and his hot roast pork sandwiches are excellent too
  3. If you look at the 2nd set of lane markings, the white car can turn left or go straight on. The black car SHOULD be heading for the M1 south! I know the lane markings on Tinsley roundabout are to the usual appalling standard associated with Sheffield City Council, as they seem to have forgotten Bawtry Rd altogether, but without doubt the black car is at fault
  4. Congratulations smithy266, now that's what I call sustainable transport!! My Series 3 is showing 26,000, I've had it 20 years and average about 4k a year, so it's definitely done 126k if not 226k, the speedometer being original, as far as i know - and I've enjoyed every one of those miles Regards Ged
  5. Flew over our house ten minutes ago, definitely a B-17. Flew off towards the west over Ladybower and Howden moors
  6. I'm not aware of any side roads in Crookes that have been touched, except like ours where the residents have cleared and gritted it
  7. Went out this afternoon around 2 ish, and the main road through Crookes was very bad with compacted snow and ice, most of the way down to Broomhill, little or no attempt appeared to have been made to clear it. When I came back a couple of hours later, did see a gritter heading through Crookes towards Broomhill, blade uselessly bouncing along onto top of said compacted snow and ice, but it was spreading grit
  8. Thank you, I'm well aware of the principle of traffic lights. However if you read my post it says quite clearly the lights change to red, EVEN when there is no conflicting traffic. Unfortunately I can't go to work to suit the public transport system, hence why I have to use a car!
  9. Well said biotechpete, you've hit the nail on the head there. I thought it was complete incompetance on the part of the planners, but over the last couple of years I've come round to the thinking that there is a willingness to increase congestion, emissions and journey times, in an attempt to force people to use public transport, that for me personally, doesn't go where I need to, at the time I need to go. I've noticed we now have a red wave, re traffic light phaseing, instead of a green wave, ie traffic signals turn to red on approach instead of turning to green, even when there is no conflicting traffic present, Penistone Rd and Brightside Lane are just two examples Well done SCC
  10. Didn't see a plane, but did see a low flying helicopter flying down the Derwent valley and heading in the direction of Hathersage at about 16:50. I think it was a Puma
  11. I think it is refreshing to see that SCC has the optimism to think that it's possible to drive as fast as 20 mph on the side roads of Crookes, as if the potholes don't deter you, the randomly abandoned cars on both sides of the roads make it nearly impossible to reach such a high speed, with any degree of safety:lol:!!
  12. Hi John, Great news, count me in. I'll be there on Wednesday Regards Ged:thumbsup:
  13. Have you not watched any wildlife programmes on TV lately. Much of these is filmed in the dark, and identifying subjects is childs play. Believe me, the camera technology is available, speed camera's are the tip of the iceberg - who knows, there may be camera's there already!!
  14. I am a walker, mountain biker and greenlaner. The sooner these cretins are stopped, the better for all genuine people who enjoy the countryside responsibly. There is only one way in and out of this location, so camera's suitably positioned would surely solve the problem. Simply identify, confiscate and crush the offenders vehicle, and fine them heavily in addition. By the way, they are up there under the cover of darkness, that's why they are generally unseen. Their lights can be seen from some distance though, so the authorities shouldn't have any difficulty catching them
  15. I drive coaches and trucks for a living, and can't say I have a lot of trouble with the van drivers. The vehicles that generally cut me up just to get in front rather than behind me are cars, who assume the large vehicle is slowing the traffic. I'm leaving a safe braking distance!!!! which they kindly fill for me. With in excess of 460 bhp in a coach and 550 in a truck, I can accelerate as fast as the car if I want to, so it's usually the car in front that's setting the speed we're travelling at. The lane discipline issue is that people, in any vehicle, will use any lane, and then want allowing into the lane they should have been in all along
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