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  1. Depends can be simple if vertical flue if horizontal flue out pull vessel out fit new change prv for good practice if no room above boiler it gotta come off wall. Or fit external one which I hate doing. Due to I like doing job correctly
  2. Guaranteed expansion vessel very common on those boilers will be dripping outside through prv pipe. Regards Jonathan
  3. Hi Gary happy to help if you could call or text to discuss further and more detail be much appreciated Regards Jonathan
  4. You shouldn't be doing it yes it is a simple job But what if it leaks and you cause a explosion your out but neighbours are in and you kill them and this does happen
  5. Just to let you know you can't use compression under floor boards either has to be a soldered cap end. Happy to sort if needed. Regards Jonathan
  6. Pump could be working but propellor could be snapped But sounds more like diverted easy to test Happy to call and do work inbox me your number
  7. If the boiler was manufactured between 2001-2005 baxi will supply and fit for free And yes the parts aren't relatively expensive but the work required is quire extensive so labour cost isn't cheap Regards Jonathan ---------- Post added 10-08-2016 at 20:47 ---------- Triton will be the best to call they can sell you parts direct. Regards Jonathan
  8. Rather worrying that the engineer doesn't know it can't be fitted like that what other corners may he miss You can run into a designated soak away with lime chippings to neutralise the water as you suggested in your post Regards Jonathan
  9. All plumbing and gas work undertaken Call for free quote 07805122223 I'm Killamarsh so local to you
  10. Hi if you give me a call in morning more than happy to go through boiler job with you and got many references for your piece of mind Regards Jonathan
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