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  1. guys, it seems quite in sheffield these days.. anybody know which club opens on Saturday??
  2. I am leaving the UK next week and still having a lot of academic books, most of them are in good condition, which I can not bring back to my country due to flight restrictions. So the best way is to sell them. Can anyone pls tell me where can I trade in all those books? All responses are appreciated!!!
  3. Lovely, thanks mate Is it indoor playing? Can u give me their postcode? I dont know sheffield well enuff to get there.
  4. Thanks mate! would love to join. where about it takes place?
  5. sure, if we have more than 10 then we can organize a game. I know Hallam court can be book with 10 pound per h
  6. I am applying to a job which requires first aid certificate. It would be nice if someone tell me where I can join the course. any comments are appreciated
  7. Hi ya, have just been here for couple of month, wonder is there any vietnamese restaurant in sheffield? many thanks
  8. don't use IE, chrome is way much better or u can try firefox or safari
  9. Hi there, Are there any streetball teams or basketball teams in Sheffield? I have been looking for them for long but can not find one.
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