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  1. .... for a 20 year school reunion. Can anyone recommend free venues please? With thanks
  2. Harmony of Spheres are a well established Prog Rock covers & originals band based in South Yorkshire. You must have a genuine love / appreciation of for Marillion / Pink Floyd / Genesis / Yes / Rush & the genre in general. You must be able to commit to practicing most weeks in Sheffield. Gigs are mostly on the weekends & are no less than 2 or 3 per month (on average). This is a RARE opportunity as we are the best (& only) band of this kind in the region. We're well known, pull in a good crowd & anticipate regular gigs throughout 2019 within Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire & further afield. There's already gigs in the pipeline!!! Gigs are mostly paid, but this is to be split five ways (or put back into buying equipment), so please keep this in mind when applying for the position. There is absolutely no pressure to learn the whole set within a short space of time as our current keys player is leaving in the new year 2019, but we would like to make start ASAP. Keyboard(s) must be adequate & hold several timbres (vasts amounts of equipment is not essential). We don't require vast experience, or expensive gear, you don't even have to be a Sheffielder to apply.. just a reliable, honest & a communicative team player who can satisfy & commit to the above. INTERESTED? Contact Julian or the rest of the band by visiting http://www.facebook.com/harmonyof
  3. Hi - do the rent free weeks still apply? I can't find anything online about this and not had a letter or anything... Thanks x
  4. Definitely Turn Ups? It was never named anything else? Thanks all x
  5. Hi - I’m making a special card up with memories in for my brothers 50th & know that he used to go to a club on Commercial Street where the Chinese buffet place once was. Can somebody please jog my memory as to what it was called please? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you all for your advice! It’s very much appreciated, though just to add that you’ve no idea of my mother’s circumstances, mental wellbeing, fitness levels etc, so while I really do appreciate your help regarding my query, I don’t appreciate the two of you who thought that I should be telling my mother to ‘get a grip’. My mother is my rock & my best friend & has done more for me in my 35 years than I could ever start to repay (not that she would ever expect that of me). I’m doing for her exactly what I want to do for her & not what’s expected. I just wanted a bit of advice to enable to do this as best as I possibly can!
  7. Random question... We thought we had a mouse after hearing rustling in the home. I bought a couple of traps, set them last night & this morning the bait is gone, but neither of the traps have triggered! Ok, so now we KNOW for sure that there’s a mouse / mice, but what on earth can we do now? Why have the traps not triggered? Please help! My mum is in her 70’s & I’m her carer. I should be on my way to work shortly, but can’t leave her as she’s not able bodied & shaking in fear ?
  8. My first job after leaving school in 1959 was Gowers on Glossop Road, Broomhill.
  9. Brilliant! Been waiting for Harmony of Spheres to play the New Barrack Tavern again!
  10. Can't wait to see Harmony of Spheres tonight! Always a fantastic night!
  11. Flooding at the top of Spital Hill. Passable, but relatively deep...
  12. How did this pan out for you in the end? I'm waiting in for them to deliver today & just have a really, really bad feeling about it as it claims to have left its original location but doesn't show that it's arrived to the Sheffield Service Centre as yet, even though a (5p per minute) phone call 'confirmed' it was at the Sheffield Service Centre!?!
  13. Got the same query - can anyone recommend? X ---------- Post added 26-02-2014 at 16:23 ---------- For delivery!
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