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  1. Ok that first one comes as something of a surprise! Add to the above: Thursday 28th Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake 2019 launch at the Crow with all 4 versions on keg, and one also on cask. Thursday 5th Hoppin' Frog showcase at Crow, 3 keg plus 2 bottles available in 1/3 measures Shakespeare fest 5th-7th - the taplist looks epic, and whoever it is (can't remember sorry) who frequently bemoans the lack of strong cask beer, this could be for you!
  2. Next week sees a number of beery events, tap takeovers and meet-the-brewers Wednesday Freigeist TTO/MTB at the Rutland. One of Germany's most innovative breweries, the event features Gose, wild fermentation sours, Berliner Weisse, etc as well as bottles of eisbock stout and historic German styles. Brewer Sebastian will be there in the evening after brewing a Berliner Braunbier during the day. Thursday Lervig TTO/MTB at the Crow. One of Norway's finest are here with a range of their brews including Rum Barrel Aged Three Bean Stout and a selection of sour and hoppy numbers. Heist & Friends at Industry Tap. Two lines each from Austmann (Norway), Balkezes (Hungary), Horizont (Hungary) and Lumi (Finland), and of course Heist themselves Friday We've Got Wood at the Shakespeare, a mini-fest dedicated to barrel-aged beers. Winter Beer Fest at the Sheaf View Lawsons Finest Liquids showcase at Brewdog Best start training my liver now...
  3. I think most of the 'beer led' pubs have dedicated lines these days to ensure a mix of styles, though of course any given pub may find certain styles don't sell and thus don't order them. But yeah, what a difference from a few years ago - it's not that long ago I couldn't have dreamt of a Sheffield pub with dedicated permanent lines for sours, imperial stouts and proper IPAs.
  4. Lucky there's no ale pubs named on a corvid theme already. Oh, wait... It's a shame there's so few words in the English language that they've been forced to hijack somebody else's idea. Or, you know, keep the name they already had...
  5. Going tonight, for the first time ever on the customer side of the bar (I've finally retired from working beer fests).
  6. does the lack of sky sports make the beer taste better? No. Does it make drinking the beer a more enjoyable experience? Yes. You yourself have said many times you value the 'atmosphere' of a pub above the drink offer, well my personal 'Moon Under Water' offers peace and quiet. People shouting at televised hoofball or jangly fruit machines play no part in that. Not saying no pubs should offer that, just that I'm glad the pubs with good beer don't.
  7. did I say it was? But if you can't tell world class beers from homebrew then yours is pretty undeveloped...
  8. Went to the trade launch last night, really impressed. Taplist superb as mentioned (5 draft sours ), good can selection in the fridge, place looks really cool, really comfy sofa (note, that's my spot, so the rest of you aren't allowed to use it ). There's a small outdoor seating area, though no use to me as it's in direct sunlight...
  9. They're wendies, but we won't hold it against them...
  10. Open for a pre-pre-preview today to coincide with footy. Went to the trade pre-pre-pre-preview last night, it's looking good! Only 7 beers on last night (that all tasted of beer), the line-up for the proper opening is looking very good though! Good range of cans in fridge and a small but interesting range of spirits.
  11. I've long held that no beer was ever improved by a bourbon barrel... And islay barrels just taste of infection in beer. But some wonderful beers coming out of wine, rum, sherry and whisky barrels. Most of my wine barrels are Bordeaux...
  12. To each, his own... I suspect this taproom won't have such a thing, though I imagine they may have a generic brown beer
  13. Most of my favourite beers are <removed> crazy... But so are some of my least favourite! Goes with the territory. Make a beer with shedloads of tonka and vanilla and I'm all over it. Make it with ginger or cucumber and it can get in the sea...
  14. People still brew non-sour beers? Why?? A lot of what LI do is experimental and/or crazy, so nobody's gonna like em all... From what I gather the taproom will have more than just LI anyway - think they know that to compete on the Sheffield scene means not so much keeping up with the Joneses as keeping up with the Rutty/Crow/Shakey...
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