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  1. curtains are on the 'to do' list - like any new business, they're seeing how things go and what needs tweaking
  2. post on instagram said they now have pork pies, quiches and sausage rolls
  3. Possibly semantics but I would only tend to call a beer 'pricey' if I considered it overpriced. So a carling for a fiver is pricey whereas the example given isn't, to me at least. BTW you can see more expensive draft beer than that in Brewdog any day, whether it's 'pricey' I'll leave to your judgement
  4. Been a few times now (Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat), never felt overly busy (though on Saturday night on particular group did decided to stand in the worst place possible, blocking off the room to the right as you walk in, despite plenty of room in the 'main' area). Outside is small yes, but well presented, and the pub is central enough that an actual 'garden' would be a pretty rare thing (I'm not aware of it actually claiming to be a garden - the social media refers to it as a courtyard). As for the price of the stout, come on, you know beers like that cost money! Like the Rutland, the Crow has a sensible pricing policy and is not a slave to GP%, I can guarantee you that beer would be a fiver a third minimum in Leeds, Notts, etc
  5. Cask - Ridgeside Milky Joe Coffee Stout Keg - a Garage strong porter and a bonkers 12% Prairie Artisanal Oreo Imperial Stout, plus a dark sour from, erm, me. bottle/can - not properly perused but there's at least a Lervig coffee stout and a CR/AK hazelnut imperial stout
  6. 5 cask - Abbeydale Daily Bread and Heathen, not sure if these are permanent? Then 3 guests. (the cellar is relatively small so not really room to have more casks) Good selection of 10 rums, and there's a few ports and things there too
  7. Went to the trade preview last night, it's really good. Obviously everything is really fresh at the moment, but it's a nice space, lighting is a good level, comfy seating... and the beer selection is as good as you might expect (as is the rum and whisky). Had a quick tour, the rooms look nice too. Back tomorrow and again Saturday after brewing.
  8. Try the Rutland Arms, great pub with function room upstairs
  9. Card only will continue to grow. Quite apart from being a lot less hassle (with contactless roles have completely reversed, now it's people paying by cash that slow the queue down), insurance is often considerably cheaper if there's no cash on site. Only real problem is if network goes down...
  10. personally I find the new location much better, the old location was away from anywhere else I go, and while not far from my house a bloody long way to carry a dozen or more bottles! New location is halfway from work to Shakespeare, and I can get a direct bus from outside to the end of my road. Not been yet so can't comment on the atmosphere etc, will pay my first visit tonight I think.
  11. I suspect you may be right re seating at Kommune (the name hardly suggests a selection of quiet snugs and wingback armchairs...), I'm not gonna speculate on the prospective clientele though
  12. Can confirm Budapest is excellent for craft beer now. Also several Polish cities e.g. Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk/Gdynia, Warszawa, Poznan... Slovakia is catching up, Ukraine has had a craft explosion, Romania is suddenly getting good... Riga and Vilnius. In fact there's only a few European countries with not much to offer beerwise if you know where to look! Thanks to Wizzair a lot of the eastern European destinations can be done stupidly cheaply for a long weekend from Donny too
  13. Definitely as well as I'm looking forward to it, with Hop Hideout's new venue as well I've got a nice little after-work crawl without even going further than the Shakey BTW commenting on the clientele months before it even opens must be some sort of record for the Forum...
  14. good location in my book, breaks up walk to the Shakey, and bus direct to the end of my road for when I get takeouts!
  15. Got it in one. They've been playing the long game, a decade of bland and bland-with-Ribena, then boom, they're gonna release the results of their secret barrel aged spontaneous fermentation program, Yorkshire Gueuze
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