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  1. Have you thought about Burton street bistro? I have written a blog recently on friendship lunches & the places that do them are generally really good. https://www.southyorkshiremobility.co.uk/post/friendship-lunches-south-yorkshire
  2. Iv been recommended a place in Leeds called FAZENDA that serve you meat from sticks and has a lot of different meat, I know Leeds doesn't seem that far but If there was a place like this in Sheffield I would love to know where it is. And has anyone been to Fazenda themselves? is it worth the trip Thanks
  3. Beth- I think regardless of the affects we know or do not know of re the ecig- I think your doing the right thing.... we know with cigarettes, children who see people smoke generally end up smokers, even if they don't smoke cigarettes do we want children addicted to nicotine of any form in the future?- No good luck to your mr !
  4. I have tried a few brands now. I don't like the tank system, its too bulky and looks like a kazoo I have one that looks like a cigarette with battery pack, the pack looks like a cigarette box and charges the ecig. its pretty good, you can use the e liquid in the cartomiser which isn't some thing that people tell you, each cartomizer can be refilled about 5 times ! thus making it alot cheaper. As a female it is important to me for it to look good. So I have hunted around for what i would like to think is a fashionable ecig...Now im not saying smoking makes you look good but an e cig can be an accessory. Mine has a little jewel in the end and looks great, so Yes u can buy some thing cheap off the market that does what it says on the tin, or like sunglasses hand bags and clothes pick a good brand that looks nice. Iv added the website I got my latest : Vapeciguk.co.uk (I don't think they will appeal to the men.) sorry boys.
  5. In Wakefield There is the pit, Bar and grill. They do a holly cow burger...I saw they held a man V food spicy burger challenge at Christmas. They seem to be really good reviews about it, but I havent been and tried it out yet.
  6. As a kid i used to get taken to Leeds to see chinese new year celebrations, iv been googling for a bit and cant find anything, id like to take my god daugter to see somthing today if pos, is anything going on in sheffield or rotherham to celebrate the chiense new year ....also i need to get some fortune cookies any idea cheapest place i can get them Thanks
  7. i look and see the marque and it looked perfect ...
  8. my requirments r not much a marque some twinkly lights and a garden party. i having been trawling though lists of venues...but i dont want a statley home/listed hotel and a posh room . i want a bbq/hog roast imagine alice in wonderlands meets the flower fairies. i am willing to travel ...and i am very flexible with dates...i just need the pefect venue for our wedding party. would be great if people could give me some recommendations because i seem to get lists of marque hire comanies when i search THANK YOU
  9. unreal, shes going to go get stuff from recliam shes been told they have showers, but now has to ask the councils permission to have a shower installed!!! just madness
  10. not sure if theres a bath, if there was im sure she would b happy with that. yeh a few freinds have recommended freecycle to her so her spirits are lifting now thankfully. just seems so many people get all these entitlements and some one who to me really could do with a bit of a help/hand out gets nada, but thats life i guess. ty again
  11. oh heck , just doesnt seem right to me, i mean ignoring the carpets the other 2 items are nesecities that sadly she just cant afford , and i think with a little 1 a cooker and some were to wash is essential. ty for your post x
  12. a freind of mine under a different council is moving into a flat, that has no carpets cooker or shower, she has been told it is down to her to get these items. im sure this may differ council to council but surley there should be cooking and cleaning facilities provided prior to her moving in. if any one could confirm this it would be geat, or even give me a link to some helpful housing advice, we would be really greatful many thanks
  13. theres 2 on london rd very good and nice ladies
  14. doesnt that just sound far to frightening? we watch programs like builders from hell, and to save a few bob you could be risking being unable to sell your hose in the future etc? surely its worth paying for peice of mind, knowing you dont have to deal with the deaded council, that a company can do all leg work for you, knowing you have solid guarantees on the work thats done?i just think when its your home its better not to cut corners, cos normally they are what end up biting you. i used Askham windows to do mine i was very happy,not that that has anything to do with my point , just nice to know you can use a local firm and relax knowing everything is done properly for you.
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