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  1. Obviously the building should be used to house the homeless ! Perfect eh ?
  2. Hello to all. Has anyone worked for Mach Recruitment at Pretty Little Thing ? Thanks. Bill.
  3. Many thanks. Took the course successfully.
  4. Hello to all. Can anyone suggest a decent SIA training company please ? (For security guarding) Too many of them seem to be just after your cash. Thanks Bill.
  5. The current staff car park is NOT located at S9 1EQ. It is is situated close to the Tinsley Viaduct,, finding it is not straightforward. You can drive round in circles by the bus station all day,, you won’t find the staff car park,, I would appreciate any help from those who know the current location.
  6. Does anyone have a postcode for the new location please ? The old one takes you to the bus station. I asked a member of staff in Mhell today,, he said “it’s in Rotherham”.
  7. In fairness it has to be said that the Police hardly ever get to hear about stuff like this, it’s the call handlers who block stuff. I once had film of a very drunk driver who delivered to my house,, I phoned 999 and got my ear burned, then told there was an 18 minute wait on 101,, that drunk driver drove off into the night, the footage was never viewed. why bother eh ?
  8. The attitude some “haves” hold towards all “have nots”.
  9. Many thanks ,, is it staffed ? Above all are vehicles safe there ?
  10. Typical re the Thin Blue Line. ALL bikers need to be aware,,,, nicking bikes is far too easy.
  11. Hello to all. does anyone know what the staff parking at Meadowhall is like please ? thanks Bill.
  12. Hello to all. Now then, I can’t be forking out a hundred quid for waterproof walking boots, so, can anyone suggest some decent cheaper ones please ? I walk around Treeton/The Rother a lot. Thanks. Bill.
  13. I will very definitely be careful where I plant my non native tree species.
  14. The EA deny that they have, or indeed would, remove bird feeders. I take all points re cleaning totally onboard. enough negative stuff,, anyone want to put forward how to make your own for fat balls and seed please ???
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