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  1. Hello to all. Now then, I can’t be forking out a hundred quid for waterproof walking boots, so, can anyone suggest some decent cheaper ones please ? I walk around Treeton/The Rother a lot. Thanks. Bill.
  2. I will very definitely be careful where I plant my non native tree species.
  3. The EA deny that they have, or indeed would, remove bird feeders. I take all points re cleaning totally onboard. enough negative stuff,, anyone want to put forward how to make your own for fat balls and seed please ???
  4. I’ve messaged the EA, I will give them until Monday. They were wiped every Sunday when food was changed.
  5. Ah, so they’ve have been “removed” for the good of the birds. obviously.
  6. I would be very surprised. I have asked the Environment Agency, I will report back. Bill.
  7. They were attached firmly with gardening wire, all 8 of them. Well I’ve never heard anything like that, it is possible though.
  8. This is hardly earth shattering stuff, but,, here goes. Last Oct I put 8 feeders up along the river to feed the birds during the harsh months. It's been going well. Many species turning up with a few surprises. Today I go over to top them up, and , every single one has been stolen. So, whoever did that, I hope you enjoy the use of them, I also hope I find out who you are. Have a nice day.
  9. Many thanks to you both for the help. I shall have to look up buses to Stainborough. Bill.
  10. Hello to all. Can anyone suggest places to photograph Deer around Sheffield please ? many thanks Bill Stewardson.
  11. Many thanks for all the very interesting stuff above. People round here talk of one in Treeton Woods. I cannot find mention of it ? Bill.
  12. Hello to all. I’m trying to find out where anti aircraft guns were located around Sheffield. Can anyone help please ? Thanks.
  13. Hello to all. Does anyone know of an Email addy for the Yemeni community please ? Many thanks Bill Stewardson.
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