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  1. Does anyone know why China garden on city road as just closed down
  2. Is there a kids section as my daughter would like to do it
  3. There's a good ten!! Shows the majority who care. Not sayin there all bad just 99.9% are!!!
  4. Ignore them, you can't educate pork, had are all Muslim extremist but they'll back them. Brain washed freaks
  5. Since it was created!! I hope thousands of edl supporters turn up for what is freedom of speach, I don't see many Muslims coming having gatherings condemning them murdering scum from London!!!!!
  6. it includes everyone but i doubt any people come here from the countries you put because they wouldnt be trying to make a better life! im talking of the dump countries like poland, kosovo, pakistan, afganistan, somalia etc
  7. im not just talking about pakistanis im talking about all the foreigners who come here, ALL of them. id love to see how many have come got a job paid tax, and perhaps bought houses. i bet its about 2%. scroungers with no morals or self respect.
  8. wouldnt be nice for your insurance but i hope they crash and die, scum
  9. im not a bigot or racist but what i would love to get accross is that if people from other countries want to live here then they should work/pay taxes and not live how they would back home, theyve moved here to better themselves but have no respect for this country or themselves for that matter, i find them offensive and a disgrace. this country is gradually lookin like afganistan/pakistan, look at darnall, pitsmoor, firvale, tinsley, hydepark, sharrow, firthpark and loads more areas where there is few white british people the houses are not worth anything because they have NO self pride. except for their 30k car!!!
  10. you most probably would cos you dont mind living conditions like that, classy!! what would you do knock em both inta wun and av big manshun!!!
  11. i care, ive been a bricklayer since i left school and havent done a days work for anybody else but white british people and it isnt because im racist its because they do it themselves becauce they dont mind living in terrible houses, my example would be darnall its a disgrace i feel ashamed driving threw with all the bins and rubbish on the street it looks like afganistan! i think white brits have ten times more pride and dont live in houses worth 25k with a car on the front worth more then the house
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