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  1. they do sort of i have only just found out, the foundry Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7till9 its called "adult class" , they mix that and people they are training also together, (keeping the same skill together i think) some people appear to keep going after training is done, its just a bunch of people (20 came last week) and you get paired up i am going next Wednesday and am not doing training anymore costs £8 i think
  2. i have ended going for a foundry run refresher course, which i am on tomorrow if you are a total beginner you will need to do a course also, normally 2 x 3 hours lessons with an instructor the basics are extremely important to be learn from a pro, u learn to belay which means you can stop people falling, and they will a lot, u cant just pick that stuff up give me a shout afterwards
  3. Hello I am trying to find a indoor climbing partner, but climbfind (website) which i used before seems to have died, i have climbed for a few years, indoor and out but i had to get rid of my gear and kinda stopped going for the last year or so, i want to get back in to indoor climbing, i used to be able to top rope, belay etc, rig setup outdoor, lead climb (a bit) etc I just need a 20 min refresher on belaying and knots and would be ready to go So really i need a little refreshing and then ready to climb regularly I work mon-fri 9-5 so could go after 5, or some weekends, so pretty flexible with times I'm a 31year old guy, (if that helps or not) haha i prefer the foundry in sheffield and would like to get in to outdoor climbing again at some point not sure if this is the sort of thing people post on here but worth a try thanks
  4. i will try all of these, thanks just get my rocky sound track on the mp3 and i'm going lol yeah long time Phanerothyme, hope everythings all good
  5. haha, yes i know the running shop... you dont work there do you yes, i used to work at krs.. small world eh
  6. i'm kinda starting to like hills... but they are so bloddy hard lol.... and i am just getting used to them with a 10k loop involing city road and granage hill/road..... perhaps not the easyest starting point i do work in rotherham... so perhaps i will try the canal route(one day even run to work), and also check out those parks.. i suppose i also could bike to rother valley, lock up and run round, then bike back (Asumming they are good lock up points..... and as you say, it makes you faster... i recently returned to my flat home town and got a sub45 10k... and beat 2 people i never had before, they were shocked to say the least grrrrrrrr @ traffic on parkway.. 45mins in a car the other day to get to rotherham work i did it on my push bike in 33mins a few weeks back down with cars lol thanks for the info
  7. hello i'm a runner and have just moved to sheff I live very close to manor top.. and hate treadmills (Also i hate that you can not park at ponds forge for free, when being a member) - damn you ponds anyways, if i want to run, say 10k or 10mile... from home I have to run down a massive hill, and up a massive hill to end, whichever direction i go in....... i know its good training, thou puts you off a lot my question, is there any flat parts of sheffield, where there are not to many roads ? and is more then say, 2 miles.... (could loop) thanks :)
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