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  1. You live on Forres Road, you told us so when you posted about your petition last year, so I don't understand how 'confidentiality' comes into play!! Do me a favour...type Forres Road into Google and see what the results are....CROOKES, CROOKES, CROOKES....get over yourself and just admit you WANT to live in Crosspool, but don't!!
  2. When I went thro' this situation with my dog, she was up to date with wormers, the Vet stated if it's not worms irritating her, then it's the anal glands!! Basically, itchy bum time!! It came down to a good diet, regular wormers, and good grooming and hygiene. Some pups, have a 'bum-itch' issue when getting used to various things like weaning, getting into a regular worming regime, and if not caught/stopped early can form a habit, even if they have no symptoms. Older dogs become less able to clean themselves, or 'toilet' properly due to arthritis/pain/fatigue...they're just old dogs becoming slower in their years, and their metabolism changes and do not require the same nutrients from food as they did a few years ago. There's quite a few factors to consider changing in your dogs life as they age. Apologies for the sermon, but I did begin to despair with my old dog, and learnt quite a lot during her treatment. Good luck, it'll take a bit of getting used to, but it really was worth it. Regards B-Liner
  3. My old dog had an issue with this a few years ago, and the diet really did effect them. Dogs requirements change over the years. I hope the link helps. Regards B-Liner http://www.knowbetterpetfood.com/dog_anal_glands
  4. PC Advisor website has a page on tips for using your mobile as a modem/dongle/router. Unfortunately I can't post the link as I have fewr than 5 posts, but I hope that helps. Regards B-Liner
  5. I missed it when 1st broadcast, I'd caught the trailers and looked forward to a bit of the old 'Political Satire', I saw it this evening and it didn't disappoint. A bit more of a refreshing view on humour in Politics than the programmes we've become used to, e.g Mock the Week, HIGNFY....which I have to say are still funny, but the faux report/blog/social media aspect really is spot on. B-Liner
  6. Epic, simply epic....I'm not one for public displays of emotion but that has stirred emotions I'd forgotten I had. Would it be too much to say that a Civic Ceremony for our sporting greats could be extended to the brave who risked life and limb for such an outstanding task. Could you get the Alcocopter painted Gold perchance?? Congratulations, I look forward to your next installment of tales of unselfish bravery. I'm feeling inspired...Having seen recent images from that little red planet, I'm about to embark on a mission to 'Instagram' Mars, the snazzy filter effect would do it much more justice. Regards B-Liner
  7. Hijacking a thread to say Hi also Good Evening Sheffield Forum, I'd like to introduce myself after loitering on the outskirts. I've had a little look around and have heard differing opinions about the site from friends, colleagues and family. It certainly looks full of characters, some quite frank debates and a lot of useful (and sometimes useless;)) information. A little about me, I do have a tendency to be a little sarcastic..of which some will comment it being 'the lowest form of wit..', but I prefer to subscribe to the full quotation '..the highest form of intelligence..' and before I'm berated for 'professing to be intelligent..please read back a few lines as I did state the the tendency for sarcasm I despise 'Trolls', IMO faceless bullies!! I will happily read/listen to debate if backed up with evidence. I will always fight for the 'underdog'. If I feel I have some knowledge/experience/information that I feel can be of help to someone I will happily offer it. I can give and take 'banter'!! I sometimes fall into the 'Grammar Police' role...not to belittle anyone, it's just a habit from having a dyslexic partner. Please bear with me as I navigate around the Forum, if I drop into conversation, be nice, as I've not discovered the cliques or 'friend circles' yet. Here's to a long and fruitful relationship, Regards B-Liner
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