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  1. I want some just to be supplied, i have my own joiner to fit them. Thanks
  2. I would just give them a ring and see what they say, they are on hols until tuesday. Unfortunately there is no provision for before or after school.
  3. It is very good, have you been to see it yet? My son has been going for the past 3 years and there is a school bus thats picks them up at the bottom of the road.
  4. The only real problem i think you will have is with parking. It is almost impossible to park in the square especially if you have more than one car.
  5. No it has a old population and young probably like where you live.
  6. Hi I have lived in Harley all my life. It is a quiet little village, not much happens, no anti social behaviour though. It is in the catchment for Wentworth school. It has a local pub called the Horseshoe which is nice and a local shop. It is quite rare that houses come up for sale in Harley, so you know once people move in they don't move out, so that speaks for itself. Which house is it? The detached on the estate? Loupee
  7. The Harley one starts at 6.30 (fire lit), fireworks at 7.30 which usually last 1/2 hour. It is free as well.
  8. Yes it is open and has been for a while. The rides (the ones you have to pay for) do not open until 11am. There is a new toddler park and a older kids park and a waterpark where you can get a cuppa, oh yes and a crazy golf. Oh yes a skate park but that is not finished yet. I dare to say it is the best park in South Yorkshire now.
  9. It doesn't come up, its new they are just kitting it out
  10. Hi Does anyone know when the dominos pizza opens in chapeltown?
  11. Read on the Yorkshire Post site that 3800 jobs are in danger, i didn't even know that Freemans was part of Grattans
  12. Gilders Group staff are having to take a 20% pay cut and less hours. (Seen it on BBC Look North). No wonder they were wanting to change extras on my golf when i took it in last month!
  13. No It started with a 15 second vertigo spin then i was ok carried on working but had a sensation as though i was floating. Then over more weeks it became a dizzy feeling, i have it all the time.
  14. Thanks for that, was that on the first appointment though.
  15. No because that was 7 weeks ago and i thought the dizziness would have gone and i wouldn't need the appointment
  16. I am going to the Hallamshire for my first appointment with the ENT dept in 1 week for dizziness. Has anyone else been for this and do they do any tests on the first appointment?
  17. I was wondering if anyone has suffered from the above ear infection, i was diagnosed last week and it is driving me absolutely mad. How long does it take to clear up?
  18. I got an email from argos at 5 oclock saying wii in stock
  19. The bonnet on my vw golf Mk5 had decided not to open. Has anyone any ideas how i can get it open without getting ripped off at Gilders?
  20. Hi Try WFO Print in Rotherham they currently have a offer digitally printed full colour and folded to 1/3 A4 6 pages 500 off £110 no VAT artwork supplied payment on collection/delivery Just give Sharon a call on 01709 740078
  21. Does anyone know how i go about getting a card for the above?
  22. Are Wentworth Conservatories expensive though?
  23. Can anyone recommend a firm to go to for a conservatory. Thanks
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