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  1. I went to myers grove between 97 and 02 and the school was awful,there was always lots of teachers leaving and lots of stand in teachers and was still the same after i left so no i wouldnt send my kids there! Good riddance to myers grove
  2. ars abat gettin the sen a growler(pork pie) from butchers kidda on thi way ome from coyl oyl my father used to say!
  3. carlisle street/dropping well rd along side of m1 maybe?
  4. listen to booster he knows what he's talkin about,personally i would make anything or try to boj it up as if something goes wrong you could at worst need to replace the engine.
  5. my parents live on the(new parson cross)as they call it which is the ecclesfield end and have done all there lives and never have had any problems but my cousin once lived on the old cross which is the area around the new asda etc and had some problems with kids,cars breaking into etc so every area has its bad problems but there are some decent parts and people
  6. I have lived in a few different areas of sheffield and to be honest you get idiots no matter where you live but if you just keep yourself to yourself then you will be ok.
  7. hi beth jasmine peacock is my mother,whats your second name and i will pass it on for her to reply,strange as we was only talking about colley school and her old school friends last weekend!
  8. My nans family all lived on ranskill road they were call the rotchell family,my nan was related to the buffeys who i think are sadly not with us now at least i know thelma who was my nans cousing died about 6 years ago,aparently living on ranskill road where the best times of her life. dont think ranskill road i there anymore correct me if im wrong?
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