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  1. The large photography equipment shop on London Road did mine.
  2. Thank you for this contact. I can't remember her name and she was brilliant. I'm hoping someone can get her contact number x
  3. The ladies who meet every Thursday in Crystal Peaks library knit for the special care baby unit. They have lots of patterns etc. X
  4. Does anyone on the Mosborough area still get a freepaper? If so can you have a look at the tradespeople section and let me have the name and contact number of the 'lady decorator' that advertises in there please. She does advertise as Lady decorator. I've lost her number and we no longer get a free paper. Thank you.
  5. Is there anyone who repairs Hi Fi decks in Sheffield? I have a Vestax guber cube. Plays ok in 33 but 45's playing slow.
  6. So do we, but I'm feeling particularly middle class this Christmas. I think it's mock suede slippers I've just unwrapped that's turned me.
  7. Where's a good place in Sheffield to get radiator covers made?
  8. I'm looking to get a large item shot blasted. Is there anywhere on Sheffield that would take one off work?
  9. Is it possible to collect purchases on the weekend if I buy from one of the local sellers before then?
  10. Does anyone know the location of the lovely iron seat please. Is it neAr the cafe at all?
  11. Been telephoning electricians from the directory but lots of non answers and dead lines? Can anyone recommend a good electrician please to fit built in oven?
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