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  1. Does freedom of speech mesn we can deny the holocoust. Or is that not part of it.?
  2. There is a story of a gentleman called al khizar who say is the english st george
  3. Herries rd enterence just before the ramp vickers is on the right
  4. I thìnk the op didnt have a seatbelt on so it would be hard to fight against the driver.
  5. Hi all. I have an idea about a book but dont know were to start. Does anyone know on were i can start or go to for me to start this new venture of mine. Many thanks
  6. Hello. I have an idea about writing abook but i dont know were to start with it. Can anybody throw me to the right direction or anybody who can help me with it. Many thanks
  7. City centre to crystal peaks 47 pound on uber on Saturday
  8. My mate had same problem and was quoted 2100 from dealer only. So he went down cheaper option and changed it to manual 1000 all in
  9. We city drivers are getting threats fro. City managers about joining them lol. I think ubet has really scared them a lot. A lot of city drivers are thinking about joining them. City taxi are no match for uber. Give it a year uber will be a big taxi force in sheffield
  10. If you want to avoid the points then you follow 1 simple rule which works perfect . Don't drive in their same lane you started on and you can drive at any speed. I've been doing it over a year now and no fines. You can have a look on Google about it aswell. There police know about the flaw but can't do anything about it.
  11. The taxi driver wasn't a Sheffield one. It was 1 from another city. And for that reason I think he or she didn't know the roads and went up the wrong road.
  12. Take it to the courts all the way and appeals court.
  13. What I don't understand is that if anyone with free speech denies the Holocaust then why do we get into trouble with the law. More black people died in the years of slavery than the Holocaust and if you mentioned that they turn around say that's a different story
  14. I think limees pub or working man's club
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