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  1. Hi people not been on in ages, just thought i would say HELLO!! How is everyone?
  2. Not to blow my own trumpet but im propper fit in my mind anyway:loopy:
  3. Hey ppl who is going on sat 14th july pls feel free to comment on anything to do with it!!!!!
  4. I think there will be many people questionning wether or not the dam wall would have actually burst without interference. Therefore wether the areas needed to get so badly flooded at all.
  5. Skeggi is a hole in england that should get filled in. Stay in sunny sheffield
  6. Jack Daniels for me but it has to be mixed with Coca Cola (not Pepsi) with a nice wedge of lime:D "hic"
  7. my darling girlfriend jess22 introduced me to it
  8. go for it it will be a great life experience but dont drink the water or it will be a horrible bum experience
  9. the kid that played bombhead in hollyoaks goes to sheff halam not that A-list but hay he also does the karaoke in the pomona eccy rd
  10. the refurb is well underway so unfortunately noone can come in at present!! we relaunch sat 25th Nov so anyone wanting guestlisting please get in touch with me!! free champagne/cocktails on arrival!! free sunday lunches along will return on 26th Nov and a full brand new menu will go live on 27th Nov so please come down o try us out!! check out the new website http://www.sanctuary-bar.co.uk for more details of the new venue!!! see you all at the sanctuary and farewell to the priory!!
  11. Hi my name is Stefan Lumb and i am currently looking for work. I wish to find work in a bar or pub, I have six years bar experience. I have recently been made redundent from The Rising Sun on Fulwood Rd as they sold it to a brewery. In the four years I was at The Rising Sun I spent one year as a bar assistant, two years as the assistant manager and ten months as acting manager. While at The Rising Sun, as live in landlord my duties consisted of the day to day running of the public house, dealing with the customers, cash handling, ordering and taking deliveries and cellar management. I also had to organise staff rotas and the recruiting of new staff and their training, also watching over the external stock takers. During my time at The Rising Sun I obtained my BIIAB level two National Certificate for Personal License Holders. Anyone interested in gaining a hard working member to you team please send me a private message or call me on 07723602292.
  12. that stupid crazy frog if i get hold of the little purple **** i will make a french dish out of him gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :rant: :rant:
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