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  1. Hi, job lot in s5 sell huge sacks for about £10, it's all my bunnies will eat as they don't like the pallets either x
  2. Does anyone know where you can go strawberry picking in Rotherham or around this area, We would really like to go today
  3. Hi, does any one know where i can get a Monster High Birthday cake from in Sheffield please? I need one i can buy off the shelf as the lady that was making the cake has just let me know she cant do it and her party is tomorrow
  4. Hi, if you go on ebay you can buy cat claw caps, They look quite funky and come in lots of colours or in clear (mine have red)! They are a little bigger than match stick heads, you just clip the very point of your cats claw off, pop a bit of the special glue inside the cap and pop it on the claw. They only need them on the front paws, they grow out after about 6 months and the cats dont even know they are wearing them! It might sound a little weird but they are brilliant! I have 3 cats and they all wear them. They are really cheap (about £3) but have saved all my carpets and sofa ect!
  5. hi pets at home do the op gor £4, you just have to call the cats protection for the voucher x
  6. haha! i didnt look at the bloody date! Still they will probably still be wanting £500 for it now! Hey your on the ball popping up as quick as that at this time of night! I was going to reply to the decorating thread and got distracted! Blonde you see
  7. i have an immaculate 3 seater and 2 seater sofa that all reclines, it is only 18 months old and im struggling to get £300 for it so i very much doubt you will ger any where near that much for it!
  8. hi, Weldon works are brill, and very reasonable, the number is 07977518622, ask for Neville Weldon
  9. **REWARD** Can you please help? My cat has been missing since Saturday night. Hes black & white with a white splodge on the side of his nose, he has a saggy tummy & missing teeth. Hes very friendly, if you say "hello" to him he will say "awaw" back. Hes very old so his bones are alittle jutterd when you stroke him. Hes on medication & will get very ill if he goes much longer without it. He should also be wearing a red collar. My kids are very upset & we miss him very much. We live down Champion close in s5 so he may have wandered down Gregghouse or Molineaux Rd or surrounding areas. Please can you check your sheds ect as he is a very nosey boy. If you see him, please let me know, there is a reward for his return. My number is 07927009559 & addy is 4 champion close shiregreen s50jq Thank You x
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