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  1. I think a lot of Wednesday fans are in a state of shock, when they swarmed on hillsboro for Derby tickets they were sitting pretty and hoping to make automatic promotion but now hanging on to the play offs is their aim. It's far to early to be thinking like that , maybe at 3pm tomorrow they will have a better picture.
  2. In that case I take it you are a lifelong Blade.:hihi:
  3. You are correct the Tony Kay I quoted still plays for HUddersfield.:hihi:
  4. David Layne was the only one from Sheffield.
  5. Wednesday would have had to win for Mobley to get a winners medal but yes a good player, Ford had two great seasons for Wednesday that's why I included him plus he was a major contributor in the 66 cup run. I really do think Sam Ellis deserves a lot more respect but maybe I am to young to really judge a lot of these players. I agree Jim McCalliog deserves a mention, Swan, Lane and also Kay should be erased from the clubs history.
  6. Another Sheffielder who played for both clubs.
  7. So did David Ford another Sheffield.
  8. Wilf Smith he was German born and his name was Schmidt. He was with Wednesday from 16 years old so I think we should give Cuttsie that one.
  9. My typo ,did you mean Johnny Fantham?:hihi: Which one of Cuttsies was not even born in England?
  10. Springett. Sterland. Megson. Eustace. Ellis. Young. Francis. Fantham. Hirst. Ford. Waddle.
  11. I would struggle to equal Cuttsies attempt if they all have to be born in Sheffield, I can only spot one mistake.
  12. Do they have to be Sheffield born and bred?
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