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  1. A game that was less than £15 last week was £20 today when I went in. Okay so that's £20 with 40% off right? So why not keep it at £15 with 40% off. You are making it look like you are lowering your prices when you clearly are not. You are simply putting them back up. Anyway, best of luck to your staff. I sincerely do hope you all have something else lined up.
  2. Just set this up on Facebook as I too live in Hillsborough. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hillsborough-Forum/429101497165162?skip_nax_wizard=true
  3. Are they now saying they ARE going to refurb the old Town Hall?
  4. My bold. Hi Grannypat. Could you please let me know where you found this information. I am studying the Sheffield Markets at the moment and it would be fascinating to read. Many thanks.
  5. Yes thankyou, so far we have recorded some great memories. There are people who hate the market yet have such fond recollections of it. It has also been fantastic meeting both the traders and shoppers who have all been really friendly and who have shared their stories with us. We will be back there again in February. I'll share the date on here when I know for sure.
  6. All this week there will be a stall on the lower floor of Sheffield Castle Market to help record peoples memories of the markets in Sheffield. This project will celebrate 700 years of history at the Sheffield Castle Market. Everyone can be involved. This project is not just about the building. It's about the people that have brought it to life - whether you're a trader, a shopper or someone just passing by. Everyone will have a story to tell that creates the heritage of the Castle Market. The group also has a facebook page which you can find here; http://www.facebook.com/groups/524282614268249/
  7. I am researching the Holberry Society. If you remeber the Society and have any information on it, please could you either pm me or discuss on here. Thankyou
  8. 07840389034 My wife is a childminder and we live in S6. Give her a call if you want tomorrow. She is looking for more work.
  9. My son has just finished his second year in Digital Film and Media and produced a documentary about a year ago. I could ask him if you're interested?
  10. Prometheus. Just got back from watching it and it was awful.
  11. I would also like to add that on occassions when I had signed people up, if they decided in the next few days/weeks that they had changed their minds then I would be the one to refund their money. This left me out of pocket after hours of canvassing work. If we complained to the instructors we were told "tough luck".
  12. I too have worked for GKR and also been a student. I totally agree. The speel they give you when you invite them in is nothing but purely rehearsed and designed to trick you into buying. "SO you said you're interested in Karate? Just sign here". Next thing you're reaching for your cash and after they have left you get the feeling you have been conned.
  13. I watched it too and was disgusted by it dafodil.
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