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  1. It was at my school, Byron Wood in Burngreave. We don't know how it started yet but part of the roof has come in, the ICT suite, library and nursery all gone.
  2. I lived on Industry Street for years and I think you are being unfair. Everyone has to make a living and I never had a problem asking Andrew to move a car for me to park. On several occasions the mechanics even parked my car for me. Where has community spirit and communication gone? Try living in London where you have to park your car 15 streets away or even pay to park on your own street.
  3. Well done mate! its wondeful. I have put it on our staff room wall. To cheer us all up:D
  4. I moved from Islington to Sheffield and the first house I lived in was in Greenhill. I found the area ok but a bit too surburbia for me. There is a small local supermarket and a few shops. My neighbours scared me away by saying they were building a fence to keep the 'ethnics' out!. There are no aminities for the kids and I had to drive them everywhere but very close to some wonderful countryside. Try the Sheffield kite flyers website. They are really nice people. Good luck with your move
  5. Deli at the Wicker sells them (yum yum), they are under the arches, try them.
  6. TONY!!!!! 28k is not a good wage when you compare it to what other graduates earn. I spent 4 years at university and left with an honours degree. I have worked for 10 years. I just feel I deserve the same wage as other graduates who have have worked 10 years. They are now talking about freezing teachers wages so I won't even get my tiny pay rise in April. t020 My spelling is not the issue here, you ranting about something you know nothing about is! If you are that clever then once again I put it to you...TEACH MY CLASS.. just for one day. You have very little life experience and yet you feel qualifed to comment. Come and get some experience. Spend the day in my class.
  7. Once again t020 I offer you the chance to come to school, teach my class of 30, 7 year olds. Opps yeah I forgot you are all mouth and with a very low level of intelligence.
  8. t020 as usual you know Jack but shout your mouth off at every opportunity. I am a teacher who went to work today. I am at work by 7am everyday and finish at 4. I work at least 2 hours every evening and all day Sunday to complete my planning, assessments etc. I have been a teacher for 10 years and love my job BUT compared to other graduates I only just earn 28k no bonus, no insentives and unlike any other job I don't come home close my door and forget about work. So next time you get on your soap box make sure you know what you are talking about!
  9. Wake Smith opposite Botanical Gardens. Really nice people it cost me £60
  10. I would love IKEA to come to Sheffield I love it!! Also they let Matalan build just off the parkway so why not?
  11. I can her name is Yvonne Claperton and I think she is very good. She is based just off Abbeydale Road. PM me and I will give you her number.
  12. I don't dislike anything really or I wouldn't have moved here BUT being a soft southerner... The Weather, especially that foggy stuff that stays for ages and makes you feel like you are gonna go crazy.
  13. There are some at Concord Sports centre. I have watched them play
  14. SORRY FUZZY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! Honest did not mean to keep letting you down. Will try really hard this week promise.
  15. I work in Burgreave and can confirm lots of people live there. Its quite lucky that they do as I work in the local primary school and I would be out of a job if no one lived there. The area has improved and the majority of people that live there are normal, honest, hard working folk.
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