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  1. Hi Mike Yes you are right there were three Crappers. Herbert was quite a character. He had a long standing feud with another character called Cyril Silkstone, I worked a lot with them both. If I remember rightly David Palmers dad or uncle worked there as well, I think his name was Frank.
  2. Hi Mick I worked on all three of those jobs in Sheffield but I don't know if I was on them the same time as you. I left Brightside in 1967. Unfortunately Grenville and Ray Vaugn have passed away now,but I remember some good times with both of them. I don''t know about Ray Flewitt but he must be pushing 80 now Mick Scott
  3. Hi Popt Here we are again on a different thread I worked at Brightside Heating from1955 to 1967.I served my apprenticship there. It brings back memories when I can remember nearly all the names mentioned in the different posts. I'll pun on my thinking cap and see how many more names I can come up with, there must be quite a few.
  4. Hi Roy I remember you well. I was on the same job as you at Jessop Savilles Foundry on Brightside Lane. Tommy Bacon was in charge, Ron Dolpin was a fitter, I believe at the time you were still an apprentice (1955ish)and then Dave Hovey and myself Mick Scott apprentices. You used to give me a lift to town on your Triumph. Of course I knew your dad and uncle (Charlie and Fred) I worked with Fred quite a lot over the years. I don't think I met up with you after that but it is one period I remember well.
  5. Hi Steve. Hope you are keeping well. I had forgotten you worked for Brightside. Have you come back to England. Seems a hell of a long time. since you left C M S. Damn good job that was. Dave Hart is the only one still working there. Unless he has retired. All the best Mick
  6. Hi are there any ex Brightside Heating and Engineering employees out there
  7. Hi PopT Thanks for message.I remember you from tech and from a meeting when I was service engineer at BSC Rotherham.Apparantly I cant contact you direct until I get five posts in. I will keep a watch on the Forum and try and contact you at a later date. I don't live in Sheffield anymore. I have moved into the country.
  8. Hi PopT I can't say as I remember G Timson but I certainly remember Roy Tandy. He was a very clever lad as I remember his shoes were always well polished and he had the neatest handwriting I ever witnessed. How sad am I remembering that. Another name that comes to mind was Carl Arbon-Davis. I met his son a few weeks back, He is the headmaster at my grandaughters school. Makes you feel old.
  9. I went to central tech from 52- 55 and I well remember the likes of Pop Gregory the science teacher with his rubber gas tube with which he beat errant students on a regular basis.(myself included) I think the main thing I remember about the school was the way that discipline was enforced, I myself can remember being caned on at least a dozen occasions by various teachers Herbert Wadge, Killer Shipley, Toffee Thornton and Bud Hollinrake to name a few, and I was not badly behaved. The one thing it did teach in my opinion was respect. You listened and didnt argue with the teachers. No one in the other posts have mentioned the four houses. Telford, Stevenson, Bessemer and Faraday. For myself I started in 1952 in 3x and finished up demoted to 6y in 1955. Although I didnt have a brilliant academic record at the Tech the school certainly gave me a good grounding in skills needed as you go through life, I still use plumbing and building skills that I learned there now. I can remember a few of the names from my class. So Tony Upton, Sid Sides. Brian Tattershall Dave Timms, Alan Cowan, Polly Potts, Keith Middleton are you out there. Although I cant say I enjoyed my time at the tech I have to say it was a good school and it is a great pity there are no schools like it today. By the way my name is Mick Scott if anyone remembers me.
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