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  1. Stag's Head on Psalter Lane has lots of covered areas, no heaters though. You can't book, its first come first served. The Broadfield has a covered area with heaters. I think they take bookings, but most of the tables are walk in.
  2. Silver Hill Larder in Banner Cross : https://www.silverhilllarder.co.uk/
  3. "Use" is a noun there. When it's pronounced with an "s", it can take a definite article like "the"; that's a characteristic of nouns. When pronounced with a "z" it can have forms like "used" to show past tense, making it a verb.
  4. Try Ozmen - three locations, and in general much cheaper on spices than supermarkets. But I'm not sure whether they have aniseed. https://www.ozmen.shop/
  5. A good film - worth seeing. I've been involved in organising the visit and we're hoping the director's Q&A is interesting as well.
  6. The budget option: bus 119 from either airport terminal to the terminus at the metro, then metro toward Depo Hostivar and get off in the centre (Mustek or Staromestska station for the Old Town). Costs 32 crowns - a quid or so. Buy a ticket from the machine at the bus stop and validate it upon boarding in the yellow machine. The ticket is good for the whole journey once validated.
  7. Looks unfortunately like Top Thai is gone - shutters down and a To Let sign outside. Does anyone know whether they've moved on or just closed?
  8. If you don't mind printing it out or using your phone as a map, you could try this: http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/routeslinkswalks/dronfield-2000-rotary-walk-walking-route
  9. Online you could try http://www.4ourhouse.co.uk . We have ordered from them several times for our LG fridge, whose drawers and runners break regularly. They are reliable and quick.
  10. Most departments will offer you a mock viva if you ask for it. Could be useful and would give you a chance to practice in front of people you know and are already comfortable with.
  11. The Russian department at Sheffield Uni has courses for the public starting this autumn: http://www-online.shef.ac.uk:3001/pls/live/web_cal.cal_unit_detail?unit_code=RUS128&ctype=AUT+SEM&start_date=29-SEP-14&mand=Optional For how to sign up, phone 0114 222 4396.
  12. We were down on London Road last night and noticed Caffe Pascucci at no. 154. It's open till 10 weekdays, 11 weekends. Counter service like a coffee shop but they also do hot and cold sandwiches (not sure how late) and puds. The cakes were good....
  13. Czech singer, composer and songwriter Vladimir Misik is one of his country's rock and folk legends. He and his group Etc. will be performing at the Farm Road Social Club this Friday 25 April - admission £5 on the door or at the Sheffield Czech and Slovak Society's website: http://cz-sk-society.group.shef.ac.uk/en/home/
  14. Sorry to hear your cat has got this, but cats can live a long time with kidney disease, neeeeeeeeeek. We had two who developed it - one at around 10+ years, and she lived another three years (it was something else that got her in the end, not the kidneys) and another who was diagnosed at around 13 and lived for another year and a half. We had them on Fortekor - one took the pills happily, the other had to have them ground and mashed into her food. We were also given a food supplement (mix into food) called Ipekatine - I think that's another one of those that binds phosphorus so the kidneys don't have to process it or something like that. Like you, we didn't have very good luck with the special diets. Both of ours refused to eat the biscuits and were very picky about the tins and packets (they would lick the gravy off and leave the rest). So then they started losing weight.... In the end we decided it was more important to keep their weight up and so we alternated, giving them ordinary cat food with the supplements half the time. When they go off their food, as happens more frequently with kidney disease, very small portions of something tempting (turkey, Philadelphia) hand-fed could often tempt them back on. Not good for the kidneys, I know, but on the other hand, keeping them eating is a priority. Water is also crucial. We started keeping a water bowl downstairs in the kitchen and upstairs in the bathroom so that there would always be water nearby. At any rate, I hope that's helpful - and that Binky's with you for a while yet!
  15. Try Polonium, the Polish shop: 300 London Road, Sheffield S2 4NA, 0114 2508989.
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