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  1. Ok right number one Im am ex serving Soldier of six years disabled though active service. Iv been on the front line served in Northen Ireland ( Kings Own Scottish Borders Regiment) so you can a go at me. No I dont like Hilter yes my Germen side did fight for the Third Reich but my British side of my family DID fight for this country what have yo
  2. Ah I see a race card been played well my turn time for change time to kick them out Britain for whites only yes Im racist guess what I dont care time to think about our first not everyone eles.
  3. Is that so. Well a Guy I know is puting on his meter £25 a month for electric I pay £13 a month hmm I wounder who paying less. Wink
  4. Thought about having Pay as you Go meters but was told it would cost more than normal meters. Im all electric no gas and with normal meters I find it ok price wise I spoke to a guy who had Pay as you go meters it was costing more than what I pay. Just pay what you use it's cheaper in the long term.
  5. Why not take up an hobby like model making or Urbexing? Why do I say this you could start a group with theses hobbies and make friends that way there only examples. Or you could try the pub at the bottom of the Moor.
  6. The South had no chance of winning. No industial development just farmers making a get by living. If the South had won it would have not lasted long before each state wanted more freedom and broke away when all the former Confederate States had done this they would find it hard to go it alone and would soon wanted to rejoin the North. The C.S.A was never to be but the Civil war ironed out bad feelings between the South and the North Funny thing is history
  7. Don't worry my friend if they look a bit on the rough side I wear my Hells Angel t-shirt and play heavy metal plus six years in the Army trust me I can look after myself thanks.
  8. In regards to Council Tax and disabled benefits. ESA support group and IB higher rate long term claims already pay towards there Council Tax yes get help but does not cover it all so pays the short fall same applies to rents.
  9. Well I have my own way with dealing with cold callers. Once had two guys early twenties suited and ready to go for gold with there sale pitch knock on my door.Before answering the door I put on my t-shirt with 'Pride to be Gay' logo on then I opened the door and said' Hello boys would you like to come in?' there faces where magic and ran down the path faster than you could say 'I buy it' them gay t-shirts come in so handie.
  10. Read a book on London's unbuilt projects though the ages. The book covered anything from buildings to transport got me thinking about Sheffield's unbuilt plans I know there was to have been a Monorail and Heeley was to have a Bypass but never happened there must have been more grand plans that failed to get off the drawing board?
  11. I belive Remploy can lead the way for employment for the disabled worker. For many Remploy workers its more than a job it becomes more like family which understand each other and support is there to if needed. This is unlikely to be find in the mainstream workplace. Some of my own family worked there after been wounded and left disabled in World War Two and after been P.O.Ws. The Remploy factorys that have closed already have shown that the former work force struggle to find new employment and live in poverty and become alone after loseing contact with there friends who they have known for years
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