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  1. Anyone else with talk talk internet problems in what Sheffield.this.morning ???
  2. It sounds like an awful place to live.... If clearly makes you paranoid to the point where you think everyone is jealous of you living there. If it helps to reassure you then trust me, its quite nice round there (well out a bit to the peaks I suppose) but Tofts lane? Come on, its damp and cold in the rivelin and you've no view to speak of(admitted those above you in Stannington have some stunning views) Id chill out and relax, I dont think people will be jealous--most people are quite nice and content with their lot.. Anyhow, why would jealous people take photos? Do you think they are going to enlarge them into massive prints and glue them to their front room wall so they can pretend they are like you???I dont think so.....its proabably a concerned resident about what is going on on the development. My money is on your neighbours neighbour---what a nice place to live--Im quite jealous actually...
  3. I think is sounds completely reasonable for somebody to be interested in what is going on in their community. Developers always seem to be cutting corners not following briefs and regulations. I think more of us should keep our eyes open as to whats going on whereever. If more people did this then we would live in a much nicer place. It sounds like the OP has something to be worried about which they would rather keep concerned members of the public away from. Might be worth a visit.....
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