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  1. I remember that term for 'real' cricket balls, also, a 'casey' was a real...as in leather....football.
  2. I lost a sixpence in Weston Park back in the 70's....if you find it would you pass it on please?
  3. Hi Jam, yes, it was Beverley Collie...well done, but as for the other names, I don't recall any of them. I was born 1961, and only went to St. Marys from about 1868 ish to 1971 ish, thence onto King Teds, then Lady Manners at Bakewell. I don't recall going to the Bole Hills for sports day, but I remember the day we heard Mrs. Reynolds had died, I went running to my mum standing at the school gates shouting "mum, mum, Rennybags is dead".....for which I got a huge slap across the head ....ho hum.
  4. I remember the dancing.....in the hall across the playground. Really hated it too. The name Julie Goodwin rings a bell, and of course the Tarantini brothers, the eldest being John Tarantini who we called "squashed nose" then ran like the clappers as for John Webster, we were pretty good mates at the time. Another name was Louise Woodhead and her little twin sisters, all three had lovely ginger hair as I recall. There was a tall girl called something Colley, used to tell us she was Evlis' cousin......they were the days.
  5. Does anyone recall those old guys who stood around the town centre late of an afternoon peddling the late version of the Star? They used to shout out something that was supposed to sound like "late night Star" but it just seemed to be a one long word that barely sounded like late night Star. Back in the '70s that would have been.
  6. Unfortunately here in Cornwall no bu**er stocks the Sheffield Liquor, so when my mate went to visit his daughter, I got him to bring me back 10 bottles of the stuff!
  7. The kids that were there when I was include, John Webster (Hoole Street), Michael Dinegan (South Road), Terry Crookes(football mad), Theresa and Warren Buckmaster (top of Greenhow Street, Julian Roland (Carr Road), Mark Hartley (Herbalist's shop, South Road), Tony Tarantini (South Road), Andrew Cuneo(of iced cream fame, South Road), a really dodgy looking lass called Mandy (tough as nails she was), Peter Holt, Julie Gregg (newsagents shop, South Road), Peter Hardy, Louise Woodhead (lovely ginger hair), Richard Tunstall (Greenhow Street, used to let me ride his 'chopper bike'), Leroy Gale (the first coloured kid I got to know and no doubt many others, oh, by the way, I am amongst that lot, if you can pick me out, answers on a postcard please!
  8. I remember Mr. Jarman, his breath always smelled of Vinegar, I had to polish the chrome on his car as a punishment during play time. As for Mrs. Reynolds, we knew her as 'Rennie Bags' but not to her face mind! There was also a Mrs. Mee there too.
  9. I wasn't aware of any reunion, mind you, living in Cornwall wouldn't have helped! Were you at St. Marys at Walkley or King Ted's?
  10. Cheers for the map Pawa, it does seem that the story I read / heard was true then.
  11. Hi Ms. Tetley.....I lived at 122 Carr Road, left there to move to the Peak District circa 1975/6. I went to St. Marys on South Road. Don't recall a Robert Marshall though.
  12. They were in deed from Walkely, South Road to be precise, I was from Carr Road.
  13. I remember the bear pit, the tennis courts (where my sister tried to teach me tennis) and of course the long speed boat. Does anyone remember the Salvati family that lived and worked at the restaurant? Went to school with Tina Salvati, also Andrew Cuneo, who's dad was the iced cream magnate and whose vans were always parked at the entrances to the parks......happy days.
  14. When I lived in the Peak district in the 70's, we had a Sheffield postcode, and we were well high up.
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