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  1. oh no, how sad!! I was only up there at the shops with the kids, looks like we just missed it my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family
  2. whats happening now??? cars queuing down my road and an ex work collegue has just phoned saying there seems to be an ambulance, bus and car parked up and rubbish all over?? really hope no one has been seriously injured
  3. depends really what area of the city you are living in and wether you would prefer home based care, either in your home with a nanny, or a childminders home with a registered childminder or you would prefer nursery care, each has pros and cons but it all depends on what you are looking for and the age(s) of the children. feel free to pm me if you would like some advice.
  4. you can make an annonymous report to ss if you feel concerned. problem is they might need a bit more to go on than just a school
  5. I am open I have been open all week, my road is clear at the minute too.
  6. My step dad is stephen and he is the eldest. there were no twins feel free to pm me for more info
  7. i too was unimpressed, a free gift was advertised for all who dressed up. we got out 2 year old a lovely outfit and I couldnt see anything anywhere about a gift, the queue was massive to get in, the food queue was huge and we didnt even attempt the ghost train queue. the fire eaters looked good, but with a 2 year old we couldnt get close. she almost got trampled on several times (shes independent and walks well and we use reigns) we missed the first fireworks show. I was expecting to see a more co-ordinated display which considering the amount they must have raked in would have been a good idea. some kind if lighting would have been good in areas too as my mate almost walked into the lake till I pointed out it was water. I think it was overly full, although whoever was organizing the car parking deserved a medal! wasnt too much trauma to get parked, although took a while, and didnt take too long to get out either.
  8. does anyone know of anywhere that is doing something over the weekend? i know its not actually bonfire night but would make like much easier for me!!! saturday the 7th??
  9. it was an absolute nightmare in there today, there are too many flows of traffic in and not enough flows of traffic out. we were sat waiting behind someone who was sat waiting for a parent and child space and he parked in the middle of the road so no one could get round him!!!!!!!! yes mr. silver space bus peugeot you caused mayhem!!!
  10. Have sent you a pm, Seeyac is a part of sheffield college and they take on throughout the year
  11. some wedding planners offer on the day co-ordination ask laura at little white book to see if she can help
  12. my little one was late, she was stuck fast they can give stronger pain relief I had caperic when i was pregnant which is stronger than co-codamol. the osteopathy helped me!
  13. blinking heck! get her to get onto her midwife, if she calls them every day to tell him how much agony she is in then they will have to do something, they will more than likely get her back in to see a consultant, if your not happy with what they are saying ask for a second opinion. osteopathy could help with the locked pelvis, but im not an osteo! the midwife wrote a note to me gp asking for caperic (which is codiene) he just gave me a prescription for codiene phosphate and then I could either take 1 or 2 depending on the amount of pain has the midwife/consultant reffered her for physio??? I ended up with a section, but that was because baby was not coming out and I had grade 3 meconium and she was in distress. I felt the pain more at night when i tried to rotate in bed. would wake up crying in agony. If I didnt move much during the day I was okish. local taxi firms loved me! sounds like she needs more help!
  14. I had spd, although I dont think mine was as sever as your daughters, I did end up on crutches though. I was lucky and that mine went pretty much as soon as my daughter was born, some say it can take longer. I think mine was not helped by the fact that my daughters head was stuck in my pelvis. Osteopathy helped me, so did reflexology (I think more for relaxation!) her gp will be able to prescribe pain relief, I had codiene I think if she needs someone to talk to get her to pm me
  15. I might be able to help you out! I have a wormery... worm tea is is the liquid that comes off the wormery, its not worm wee. the fruit/vegetables that break down, worms eat it, the liquid content filters through and then my wormery collects the worm tea at the bottom. pm me if interested!
  16. I cant offer any practical advices as living with the in laws is my worst fear, it brings me out in a cold sweat!! I'm sure if you looked at your options and weighed up how much it was costing you to feed, clothe, medicate them surely professional childcare wouldn't cost much more then you would get your sanity back! Food for though?!?
  17. I know what you mean, your thinking that by then she will be needing to use the next stage carseat. I have the same problem. I don't drive and if I want to go anywhere its either by bus or tram. But if I am going anywhere and its likely that I will get driven home either by taxi or friend then I have to take the carseat with me. its a royal pain having a toddler, pram or reigns and then having a huge maxi cosi car seat. I haven't heard of any taxi companies round here that have car seats 'pre installed' or not that are suitable for loan. only the airport company ones that have already been sugested. to be honest, would you trust their safety anyway? how would you know if it had been dropped or not been in accident? I think the only way around and I truly sympathise believe me is to take your car seat with you. My sister lives in edinburgh and they have the best bus network ever. she swears by it. maximum journey cost is £1.20 and they are very frequent. I was up there last december and if it wasnt for my dd been very ill (she became ill once we got there) we would have been out and about and left the car at the hotel and got on the bus. might be worth a consideration!! then you could leave your carseat safe in the hotel/place your staying other than that ems idea?!?
  18. Ok.. I had a brainwave last night and was wondering what you thought. I am struggling to afford a wedding as I want to pay for it all and not be paying it off when I am married!! iyswim... So I had this idea... Its peak wedding season now, some of you suppliers might be struggling for childcare seeing as the kids have just broken up for school, or you might want some time off, or might need to attend you clients weddings on a saturday... I propose a skill swap... I will look after your children if you will offer your services for my wedding... we can work out a proper contract and you will get x amount of hours of childcare in return for doing y for my wedding... I am specifically looking at... Brides and bridesmaid dresses (longshot, but worth a try) florist hair and/or make up for me, my mum and my then 2.5 yr old chocolate fountain wedding cars wedding entertainment cake maker photographer bridal jewellry if the service comes to a lot more than the cost of childcare im willing to pay some cash towards, e.g dress etc just an idea that we could help each other save on our weddings if we swapped services! Thanks for looking and please pm me!
  19. Looby Lou is lovely http://www.littlewhitebookwedding.co.uk fingers crossed she is doing my wedding too
  20. I know the feeling pretty well, because were keeping our list below 50, I think there is only about 5 friends!!!!!!!!!!! the majority is my partners family as most have mine are no longer with us
  21. whats city limits? I googled and it come up with a dance wear stockists?
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