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  1. I am looking for a childminder based in the S9 area- Tinsley, Brinsworth or the S4 area Pagehall.


    I am due to return to work begining of May.


    MUST be ofsted registered.


    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



    FYI all Childminders are registered, if they are not registered then they are not a Childminder!


    There is a lady in the S9 area who posts on here who is registered, or you could try Sheffield info link



  2. No, it's a fair comment, which is why I mentioned that he had autism in my post.


    My son attends the special needs school in Dore Village and yes, he certainly needs more attention than your average child but he integrated well into his current childcare setting and many childminders do have special needs experience and /or are willing to take on the extra responsibility of caring for a child with Autism.


    I posted on the forum as I'm trying to exhaust all avenues to find the right person. I've found it quite difficult to access information on individuals/organisations who can help with childcare for children who have additional needs.




    There is a team of childminders in Sheffield who are DCATCH childminders. We have undertaken additional training to care for children with additional needs. One of the workshops that participants had to attend was caring for children with Autism.

    Give Sheffield Information Link a call on 01142756699 and ask for a specialist search for a childminder with experience of caring for children with autism or a DCATCH childminder




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    Hello my names Ashleigh-jade, I am 20 years old. I am currently at university studying paediatric nursing this means I have a current up to date CRB. I am excellent with children and I am very trustworthy. I am also flexible. Hope to hear from you soon. My number is 07870505767 feel free to text or ring. I have work with disabled children and any ages. I don't mind how many children there are as I am capable of looking after them. Willing to take them out for the day, e.g. Swimming.



    Thank you.




    should this post be moved to the babysitting thread where there would be less confusion about the type of care the poster is offering??

  3. call sheffield information link and they will point you in the direction of the community based childcare team


    to register as a childminder with Ofsted you have to complete the local authority approved introductory course.

    To get on to that course you need maths and english at level 2 (I'm pretty sure, my husband had GCSE's so was able to get onto the course)


    call this number for more information



  4. It's purely a 'hypothetical' we need to compare and contrast the services offered in different parts of the city, but what I am finding is that although services might not be offered via official means, such as libraries and children's centres there are services by churches instead


    there is a woman's international group at Christ Church,


    @irenewilde thank you so much for your input, it has really been appreciated. Would you mind terribly if I pm'd you?

  5. There's a variety of parent/toddler/baby groups at St Luke's Church in Lodge Moor and Christ Church in Fulwood. There's also a Sure Start Children's Centre based at Hallam School. I'm sure there are probably others. Regarding the activities and services for someone who speaks limited English, I'm afraid I don't know. Fulwood does have quite a large oriental community so there may be something.


    I have already spoke with the children's centre at Hallam school and the services are geared towards families with very young babies


    Baby Massage, breastfeeding support.... etc tec


    will have a look for the information in Christ Church in Fulwood

  6. This begs the question. What is someone with limited english doing for a living to be able to afford the house prices in FULWOOD?...


    I speak good english but i can't afford to buy in fulwood !



    'Family has moved from Kuwait and Dad is a consultant dermatologist at the hospital, they have moved to the Fulwood area, however Mum speaks very little English'


    Speaking English is not a pre-requisite to wealth....

  7. Hello all,


    I hope you can answer some questions for me. I was wondering if there was any kind of community initiatives in the Fulwood area like there is in other areas of the city,


    such as Gleadless Valley Community Forum, or Sharrow Community Forum



    And does anyone know if there are any courses offered locally?


    like English as a Second Language, Cooking,


    like there is in GV






  8. Flutterbyes Childminding - Husband and Wife Team


    4 Years Childminding experience, fully insured, Ofsted registered, Level 4 qualified, registered as a food business with Environmental Health (it's a requirement)


    Spaces for the 6 weeks holidays, flexible and affordable, meals and outings included in rates.


    PM for more details :)


    facebook details...



  9. Being registered with Ofsted levels the playing field. The professionalism of the childminding profession has risen, we are being seen as equals and a viable option to nurseries and pre-schools.


    The proposed system has been used in the Netherlands and the government in the netherlands is realising it is costing them more and the quality has gone down.

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