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  1. wonderful, have to get DD from Blackstock Road to the childrens for 9am.... could be interesting! Thanks for the link to the map, at least we can plan a bit better
  2. The funding will not be paid from Sheffield Council until the term after their 3rd birthday.
  3. FYI all Childminders are registered, if they are not registered then they are not a Childminder! There is a lady in the S9 area who posts on here who is registered, or you could try Sheffield info link 01142756699
  4. Hello There is a team of childminders in Sheffield who are DCATCH childminders. We have undertaken additional training to care for children with additional needs. One of the workshops that participants had to attend was caring for children with Autism. Give Sheffield Information Link a call on 01142756699 and ask for a specialist search for a childminder with experience of caring for children with autism or a DCATCH childminder x ---------- Post added 08-02-2013 at 23:15 ---------- MOD: should this post be moved to the babysitting thread where there would be less confusion about the type of care the poster is offering??
  5. Have you thought about a Childminder for your little one? Research has shown that younger children are more suited to a homebased setting. There are some fantastic Childminders out there who provide love, nurturing and care for the whole family. Good Luck
  6. call sheffield information link and they will point you in the direction of the community based childcare team to register as a childminder with Ofsted you have to complete the local authority approved introductory course. To get on to that course you need maths and english at level 2 (I'm pretty sure, my husband had GCSE's so was able to get onto the course) call this number for more information 01142756699
  7. It's purely a 'hypothetical' we need to compare and contrast the services offered in different parts of the city, but what I am finding is that although services might not be offered via official means, such as libraries and children's centres there are services by churches instead there is a woman's international group at Christ Church, @irenewilde thank you so much for your input, it has really been appreciated. Would you mind terribly if I pm'd you?
  8. I have already spoke with the children's centre at Hallam school and the services are geared towards families with very young babies Baby Massage, breastfeeding support.... etc tec will have a look for the information in Christ Church in Fulwood
  9. 'Family has moved from Kuwait and Dad is a consultant dermatologist at the hospital, they have moved to the Fulwood area, however Mum speaks very little English' Speaking English is not a pre-requisite to wealth....
  10. The information you have all provided so far has been great... Do any of you know if there are any activities or services in the Fulwood area that are suitable for a person who speaks limited English? Are there any parent/toddler groups? Thanks
  11. Hello all, I hope you can answer some questions for me. I was wondering if there was any kind of community initiatives in the Fulwood area like there is in other areas of the city, such as Gleadless Valley Community Forum, or Sharrow Community Forum And does anyone know if there are any courses offered locally? like English as a Second Language, Cooking, like there is in GV http://www.gvcf.org.uk/what-we-do/education-and-skills.html Thanks
  12. Hello I am currently full but I think I might know of someone with spaces, pm me your number and ill pass it along thanks
  13. We live on Blackstock Road, it doesnt take too long to get across, we go via gleadless town end.
  14. my daughter goes susansdanstudio at eckington I think she takes them from 3 for ballet and tap HTH
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