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  1. Hello I'm just wondering if anybody could help us out. It is our daughters prom today and we have just been let down with her transport to the prom, I wondered if anybody could help or advise anybody who would be able to, looking for either a classic car or luxury car for a short ten minute run tonight between 6pm and 7pm. If anybody can help please call 07780864759 Many thanks James
  2. JIMMY8008

    ASDA Self-Service Tills

    I appreciate change may not be readily available but they could have marked it cards only
  3. Where is the £3.50 or £4.50 parking signs? I have had a look on the NCP website - Wellington Street does look quite cheap I didn't know about this one, will give it a go next time. Why is this so cheap and Q park so expensive? Also I think Doncaster is well equal to what Sheffield has to offer. You certainly can not compare Manchester and Sheffield different league all together but yep I pay £5 to park there!! ---------- Post added 18-04-2017 at 22:25 ---------- Which are the inner ring road car parks that are £2 per day? ---------- Post added 18-04-2017 at 22:31 ---------- Infuriates you!! :-) Apologies for having an opinion lol I didn't know about the Wellington Street car park prices, which brings me on to another issue if Sheffield has all this what appears to be competitively priced parking - Why doesn't Sheffield Council use some BID Money and advertise it??? Then they may get more visitors like me in to Sheffield a lot more regularly!!
  4. JIMMY8008

    Have you been to Sheffield Costco?

    The last time I went in to Costco they only accepted Cash or Debit Cards which I always found rather strange when such large transactions were taking place. Debit Card fees are now being charged as a percentage the same as Credit Cards, so with the massive turnover of Costco they should get very good rates on both payment methods.
  5. Parking £3 all day in Doncaster 20 mins from my house same time in to Sheffield, Meadowhall Free, Barnsley £2 4 hours, Rotherham Free 2 Hours, Manchester £5 all day. Sheffield £7.50 to £20.00 per day - Why so much? I admit I could park free on Effingham Road if I want all the windows smashed!!! Some minor roads have and side streets have improved - but they randomly missed side streets and have a long long way to go with main roads round here. Have you tried driving Deerlands Avenue, Yew Lane or Wordsworth Avenue recently?
  6. JIMMY8008

    ASDA Self-Service Tills

    Sometime back the self service till at Asda Chaucer short changed me £2! The assistant said oh it happens all the time it will have run out of change! Then left the till open for the next customer, without refilling the change and went off doing something else.
  7. If Sheffield starts charging for my (not that old) diesel car I won't be visiting again. In fact i'm wrong!!! charge £30 per day for all cars then I won't have to put up with the pain in the back side that driving in Sheffield really is - constant stop start driving, traffic lights turn red as soon as they see motion, roads are in terrible condition and not improving, parking charges are extortionate and the much reduced public transport system is shocking and again expensive!! If Sheffield starts charging the City Center as we know or like it will go bankrupt.
  8. Hello I'm building quite a long fence up the garden and will need between 75 & 150 19mm x 100mm x 1800mm treated rough sawn fence lats. Although I am looking for a good price I do want wood that will last and look good. Can anybody recommend a good timber merchants or supplier to use? Any advice appreciated. Many Thanks J
  9. I was there too on Sunday, it was one hell of an attack. I did see the dog that was attacked afterwards on our way out, it had quite a large neck wound with just flesh showing, but it seamed ok was on a lead and walking, definitely needed to see a vet for the wound. The other dog looked to be some sort of Staffy. I think the owner had a kid in a pram too. Very scary if the dog can snap just like that for no reason. J
  10. Article in the Star saying bus drivers may go on strike over pay!! http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/outraged-south-yorkshire-bus-drivers-in-strike-threat-1-7166010 First must be raking the money in at the moment - they were mega efficient in putting fares up as the cost of fuel went up but since the fuel price dropped a few months ago it has been mega quiet. I have not seen many price cuts!!!!!!
  11. Mosborough Parkway should have been dual carriageway throughout from day one and later through Renishaw to the M1, the council must have had an idea how many houses they may build and the types! most of these houses in the Townships can accommodate 1 if not 2 or more cars!
  12. lol, I was thinking more of the Next and M&S
  13. JIMMY8008

    Spare tyres on Sunday

    I would have said Grahams Tyres or Hawleys but they are closed today, maybe only National Tyres or Kwik fit open today!
  14. Do the shopping at Asda or Morrisons for everything else there is Meadowhall - problem solved
  15. JIMMY8008

    Spare tyres on Sunday

    is it just a Tyre repair / replacement or the full wheel your after?

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