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  1. If there's anyone still out there that used to work there, do you know where I can get pics from from when it was a dairy, I work there now but it's a carpet factory, my boss is celebrating 30yrs in business, it'd be nice to give him pics inside and out from back then ,my email is robinaswift@googlemail.com if you can contact me direct as I don't come on here that often, thankyou x
  2. i have not been on this site many times but not for a long time, but hoping you both get this message and please get back in touch with me. my name is robina hartley, but was o'shughnessy, francis micheal o'shaughnessy was my grandad, paul your mum was my auntie i have been looking for her for a long time, as i know she moved after what happened to lee, i hope he is well, anyway i would like to be in touch with her again, we used to meet vaguely as kids at family bonfires, i am the daughter of frank and mary, auntie anns brother, who would love to see her again as they have both been really ill and lost touch with family, and ''from all over'' my mum and dad have spoke about your mum many times, and i have been told that she went missing years ago, she will be my cousin and so will you, i would really like it if you got in touch and tell me what happened to her, i would like it if you could both get in touch my email is honey-1@hotmail.co.uk, if you email ill be able to give you my number, thanks, and thankyou again for replying you dont knwo what this means to me
  3. Thankyou to everyone that has submitted there stories, keeep them coming, that's what i'm asking for everybody's real stories, despite how un interesting you think it may be, thankyou so much, my grandad fought in the war, had a lot of painful memories,and lost a lot of close friends, nov 11th every year was his silent day, can't imagine what he went through , he died in 97' aged 94 and still his feat went unnoticed, it is for him and people like him male or female that this book when finished will be dedicated...... Thankyou to everyone and i wish you a merry christmas and a wonderful new year
  4. yes, i did, my form tutor was the long ginger haired one, what was her name, ms bolmer, australian, have great memories of those years, apart from my dress sense jesus, what was i thinking, remember having the biggest crush on paul jarvis....... mind boggles, have a husband and four kids now, those days seem an eternity away
  5. i think she got married to someone called hartley and lost track of her, anybody know what she's upto these days
  6. From books i have read, i know that coles stands on the site of the old city hall, apparently there was a fire, the only thing remaining was the large organ that was relocated to the city hall as it is now, don't have dates off hand, just know it was around the turn of the century, when the site of the alexander pub near the market was a theatre,, bit of useless info towards the end but hope it helps....
  7. The past year has made me think about why we are all here and it's all the old people walking around, there everyday lives, kids being rude, it's so maddening to think that what they did for our country is un recognised and i want to write about what male and female went through, so i'd love to hear from people preferably who lived it or if you can put me in touch with the people who did THANKYOU
  8. anybody out there, we never did get the reunion we were promised, anybody fancy getting in touch.....glad to hear from you:loopy:
  9. was born at 31 beaumont road, left for parson cross when i was 8m they were great days,remember a boy, duncan, across the road his mum and mine were great friends, had to hold his hand everyday when i went to school:gag:
  10. books i have state that the cole brothers was built on the original site of the city hall, the old organ was removed and then placed in the now city hall and then it was demolished because of a fire that made it impossible to restore
  11. hi i've texted you a few times you know what about the people who you are looking for, the address is 67 northern ave, sheffield, harry snr still lives there, lost your number, sorry haven't been in touch sooner Good luck Robina
  12. Was there when paul, brian and judy ran it, was in ''asleep under the dark earth'' 97' i think, when were you there
  13. left there in 93' !!!!!!! Anyone else
  14. Used to go there as a child, left there in 86', yes, mr jenkins what a guy, used to spend most of my time under the clock for sliding down the bannister or running, didn't he always just happen to be there, my kids go there now, not the same!!!! My dad went to that school in 1956, got his own stories to tell, check out my ad at the beginning of the bulletin board, you may have knew him............ah the good old days!!
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