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  1. Could well be the air flow meter. There's a conductive track inside that can become worn with the result that the fuel metering becomes erratic. This shows you what's inside (and for those who have some technical ability a way to get the wiper to run on some fresh track). http://the944.com/afm.htm
  2. The Scots indeed would be more whole If they had back what England stole A fierce independence - aye fueled with a tot Three hundred miles clear of that Westminster rot
  3. Throw in a little nostalgia and anything can become a classic.
  4. Not only are you allowed, you are positively encouraged to play an order of chords that are the easiest to learn. Halibut, your machine isn't working fast enough, porn is horn, and love sometimes kills you !
  5. Move it onto a public road. From that moment the Police will show more interest and by checking the VIN number they will trace the owner through CRIS.
  6. Hi dean, I like your music but it would be difficult for me to be part of a conventional band. How would you feel about some project where I might be able to add something by exchanging files etc ? Will send you a pm. Steve
  7. Any chance you could copy and paste it here ?
  8. Come on Wallace, you can do better than that...
  9. I'd be interested in hearing anything James - especially analogue stuff and your thoughts on possible directions it could take (I'm in a similar position re analogue vs digital). Look forward to your pm. Steve
  10. Greedy McVie liked a big tea with something extra to follow, "That's never enough ! Bring me more stuff, and mix it up in that there wheebarrow", When he was all puffed and most definitely stuffed he put his big hands on the table, Thought for a while, said "This doesn't feel good, I wonder if I am able"... He tried to stand up but his legs cried enough, and he bounced on the floor like a jelly, Then rolled to the door, banging his jaw and couldn't reach the remote for the telly, "Oh no" he groaned, I think I am stuck, and I'm starting to turn rather smelly", "I wonder if there's a good surgeon in town who could trim off some of my belly", So if you suspect that your calorie intake is exceeding the ones that you burn, Remember the fate of Greedy McVie and the taste you will no longer yearn.
  11. James, Sorry for that (slightly humorous) dig. I thought it was going to be one of those posts that slide gracefully to the bottom, sadly never to surface again. (And I think I was impatient also).... However, I was just saying that I recently got one of those Gakken SX150s and maybe I could add something to an electronic track you might produce. Ok, very patiently this time... how does this sound ? Steve
  12. The regular Postman he's a star of a guy, Always has time for a wink and a smile, Often has a story to make you think, Amusing they are, as you sign with the ink. But a temporary Postman arrived in the village, One who it seemed liked to rifle and pillage, Things they went missing and caused people pain, We suspecting quite strongly who was making the gain. All was normal as our Postie returned, Indeed it transpired that we had really been burned, So if you get blessed by that particular malevolence, You can kiss goodbye to all of your presents.
  13. Mechanical jockeys at night, They are giving some people a fright, With their pedalling clatter nothing else matters, In the daytime it would be such a sight. Some are on plastic, some are on metal, If they crashed in a heap they would all need some Dettol, Adrenalin pumping - some of them jumping, Just don't get in their way or you might get a thumping.
  14. You didn't cut the grass ! It was a very simple task, There's rain overnight, It just won't look right, You didn't cut the grass ! You didn't cut the grass ! You've been wasting time with a lass, I'm not very happy, It will look all sappy, You didn't cut the grass ! You didn't cut the grass ! You'll not be getting any brass, you've committed a bungle, It will look like jungle, You didn't cut the grass !
  15. Quality stuff is so hard to find, More often than not it's a piece of old rind ---------- Post added 11-03-2015 at 12:31 ---------- Forgive my last comment it sounded quite citrus, Perhaps next time I'll test it with litmus.
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