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  1. Stick a few pebbles in your mouth and go to Barnsley College . What difference is the dialect going to make ?
  2. I fell for it and got badly stung, tell me I am not on my own, what are the other scams that I should look for other than "I love you" that promise a great return ??
  3. What are your plans ? Im desperate.... :hihi:
  4. This may help you http://howopia.co.uk/howto/how-use-rawl-plug I believe that the drill bits will have to be carbide tipped to go into brick (thanks to Harry in our garage) hope that helps you out.
  5. I had to stop and listen to a young blonde haired girl busker singing Alanis Morrisette songs on the corner of the road that leads up to the town hall from the crucible (sorry ! new to Sheffield) outside the building society. She was fantastic and her guitar playing was equally as good. I gave her £5 for her rendition of 'Ironic' which blew me away. Seems there are some really talented up and coming musicians in Sheffield to look out for.
  6. Looks like Abbeydale road has it according to this map http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e2/Sheffield_outline_map_with_UK.svg/2000px-Sheffield_outline_map_with_UK.svg.png
  7. There is further evidence in the old Batman comics it seems muddycoffee . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esnkNeK3uY8 :hihi: OOPSY ! I missed this one in the comments of the above ^^
  8. I don't like the traditional jazz thing but I do love Jazz/salsa fusion. One of my favourite tracks by far is John Klemmer, Brazilia
  9. Did someone mention Moi ? MrMoran you have said nothing to remotely upset or shock me (I have heard far worse) What does 'tick' me off though is when people do things that affect you without even explaining their actions. That is lower than a snakes belly Are you still up for Sunday night MrMoran ? I hope that you are not all shirt and no trousers
  10. Hi Glamrocker, Do you own platforms ?
  11. Sorry I misread that... It was funny for a moment though Karis
  12. I just wet my pants at your sig.. :hihi:
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