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  1. I cant imagine anyone would be filming at the time of a party or driving to happen to catch the police coversation. Other than that I cant imagine what proof there would be. Your very silly.
  2. Ive never mentioned the IRA or anything like that, apologies if your comment wasnt in relation to me.
  3. Me and someone else are telling you it happened to us and people we were with, why would you chose not to believe it? Your pathetic. As for staying in and ranting, that might be you but its not me, im out shortly for a 40th birthday.
  4. When someone points out the idiot English people celebrating an Irish tradition its not a rant, its a fact. Thats also known as a point. As for my claims, its what happened, if you dont believe the 2 people who have told you then your an ignorant person who im happy to laugh at.
  5. I assume he doesnt agree with hypocrytical people or just pathetic individuals who care nothing for their own country or its celebrations.
  6. Ive no idea how widespread it is, it was on forums, facebook and in the media at the time so it wasnt an isolated incident but im Not sure it was widespread either.
  7. It DID happen! Stop being ignorant! Your a disgrace as a mod. Dont EVER accuse me or anyone else of lying. You might not agree but accusing people of lying is different! If i said that to you i would be banned! Bloody double standards!
  8. I have no idea. The police arent always right. Some are bigger idiots than the people they take issue with. Although not all, just some.
  9. So 2 people are lying, just because something doesnt happen to you doesnt mean it doesnt happen! Silly person.
  10. NO the problem is not with me. I never spoke to the officer as i was in the back seat. You my friend are being a complete tail.
  11. Im telling you that on St.Georges day last year we and many others were made to take our flags down.
  12. Oh dear my little cherub. If you dont understand then thats your problem no one elses.
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